Instant Messaging with ONLINE MESSENGER - click here to register

Instant Messaging with ONLINE MESSENGER - click here to register
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Instant Messaging with ONLINE MESSENGER [BETA]

Instant Messaging with ONLINE MESSENGERTriumph PCs ONLINE MESSENGER, a totally new experience in real-time instant messaging, allows you to communicate with other ONLINE MESSENGER users. No fees, no special software to install, no invasions of privacy (see our Privacy Policy for details) and never any pop-up advertisements to spoil your fun!

IMPORTANT: Usernames are case sensitive.
So if you registered as, say, "John" (note the upper case "J"), you must always login that way. Also, your browser must be configured to accept cookies (the cookie is used for security and login purposes only).



Send questions/bug reports to: . Please include the exact text of any error message(s) you receive along with the time and a brief explanation of what you were doing when the problem occurred.


 Instant Messaging with ONLINE MESSENGER

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