Beryl Marsden (cont.)
By Beryl Marsden  

Beryl Marsden in the Blue AngelI was too young to go to Hamburg with the Undertakers, so I got left behind. I sang with a few bands including Howie Casey – with Derry and Freddie. Around this time Bob Wooler brought Brian Epstein to see me, but I decided to go with Joe Flannery instead.

I used to go to the Cavern as much as possible as well as singing there. I loved the Big Three and the Beatles. When Pete got sacked I was told not to go to see them, although it was a mean thing to do (Pete joined our band Lee Curtis & the All Stars), it was too much to ask.

When I was sixteen Joe got a special license as my chaperone to go to Hamburg. I sang at the Star Club. As I would be getting out of bed the rest of the guys were just getting in. As a treat Joe hid me sometimes so I could watch Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry etc and he even took me to a glam club – or so I thought – it was a Gay club.

I suppose it was a bit wild but it all seemed quite normal.

On returning from Germany I thought I’d give London a go. I told my Mum I was going to the chippy and got on the milk train with my two best mates. We got jobs as chambermaids that day, living in.

A couple of weeks later I met Tony Stratton Smith in a pub in Wardour Street. He was just starting in the music business. I signed with him because he promised not to make me dress like a Barbie doll!

I sang at the Pickwick Club with Paddy, Klaus & Gibson, then had Howie Casey and the Crew as a backing band, made a couple of records and toured with the Beatles on their last U.K. tour.

Beryl Marsden at the Mersey Beat Awards. Virginia Harry presented her with an award as best girl singer.Tony was approached by the Gunnells for my contract to form a band with Rod Stewart, Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, etc. We gigged a lot and played at their clubs with the top London bands and American artists. We made a record and then went on our merry way.

I then toured Europe with She Trinity, came back to Liverpool and joined Paddy Chambers with Sinbad for a while. Then I formed Gambler and then the Beryl Marsden Band. I had got married and had three beautiful children, but my marriage wasn’t meant to be.

At the beginning of 1978 I returned to London and found Buddhism after the unhappiness I had been through to understand why was a breath of fresh air. I met some great people. At this time Sandie Shaw and I became friends. We met at a Buddhist meeting. We both care about World Peace and have a great mentor – Daisaku Ikeda, who is the president of the worldwide movement for peace: SGI. 

I toured with Martha Reeves as a Vandella, sang with John Lennon on the track ‘Instant Karma’, worked with my dear friend, Phil Sawyer, he was in Shotgun Express for a while on the project ‘Beautiful World’. We had hits in Europe.

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