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Here is another selection of shots I took at the Blue Angel club. A number of the subjects may be unfamiliar to you, but you'll get to know them as their stories begin to appear on the Mersey Beat site.

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Earl Preston (real name Georgie Spruce) with a Blue Angel waitress. Earl led groups such as the TT's and the Realms. Joe Butler and Kenny Johnson (aka Sonny Webb) of the Hillsiders. Liverpool country legends. Nicky Crouch, at the time a member of Faron's Flamingos, who should have topped the charts with 'Do You Love Me.' Billy Hatton of the Fourmost vs the bouffant girls!
Steve Aldo, one of Liverpool's most talented singers and one who certainly deserved chart success. He should have been a star. Mark Peters and his brother, Tiger. Among the groups Mark led were the Cyclones and the Silhouettes. Beryl Marsden with Daily Mirror reporter Bill Marshall (who went on to pen Allan Williams' book 'The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away'). Spen (Spencer Lloyd) Mason, one of the most dynamic group managers on Merseyside.
Dave Beattie, manager of the Blue Angel, with his girl friend. Eddie Parry, lead singer with the Dennisons. Eddie died some years after this photograph was taken. The amorous Rory Storm. Girls were attracted to him. The Blackwells. When their manager, George Blott, made them all dye their hair blond, they received some stick from the other groups.

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