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Another selection of the photographs which I took in the Blue Angel club.

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Jim Ireland, owner of the Mardi Gras and Downbeat Clubs and manager of the Swinging Bluegenes and several other bands. Jim settled in California for a number of years but contracted cancer and returned to Liverpool where he died - the green, green grass of home.
The late Johnny 'Guitar' Byrne, guitarist with the legendary Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, with a friend.
Tommy Quickly, the Epstein protégé who never made the grade, although he certainly had to talent to succeed.
Eddie Ankrah of the Chants, one of my favourite vocal groups.
Peter Feldman, leader of the Profiles, a group managed by Yan Kel Feather.
Ray McFall, owner in the Cavern in its heyday. The man responsible for the Cavern being the most famous club in the world. He is now retired and lives in southern England with his wife Shirley, but has had little recognition for the great part he played on the Mersey scene.
Wayne Bickerton, former member of the Pete Best Four, who became a successful songwriter, along with Tony Waddington. I heard that while an A&R man in London, he turned down Abba!
Ted Knibbs, a pensioner who managed Billy Kramer & the Coasters and then Chick Graham & the Coasters. He was killed when he was run over by a bus.
Bobby Thompson, a major Liverpool musician who appeared with bands such as Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes and Rory Storm & the Hurricanes. He later moved to Birmingham to become a member of the Rockin' Berries.
Irene Hughes, a founder member of the Liver Birds who left the all-female group, changed her name to Tiffany and led Tiffany's Dimensions. She married Mersey Beat contributor Geoff Leack.
Pat Davies, Cilla Black's best mate and erstwhile girlfriend of Ringo Starr.
Colin Manley, extraordinary lead guitarist and a member of several groups ranging from the Remo Four to the Swinging Bluejeans. He was one of the Beatles' favourite guitarists. Sadly, he passed away in 2000.

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