The Chants (cont.)

Alan Harding“I had 13 years of struggle and scraping with the Chants - and plenty of fun also – and 23 years of being in a hit band, I think the balance has been more than redressed.”



I Don’t Care/Come Go With Me. Pye 7N 15557. 1963.

I Could Write A Book/A Thousand Stars. Pye 7N 15591. 1964.

She’s Mine/Then I’ll Be Home. Pye 7N 15643. 1964.

Sweet Was The Wine/One Star. Pye 7N 15643. 1964.

Come Back And Get This Loving Baby/Lovelight. Fontana TF 715. 1967.

A Love’s Story/Wearing A Smile. Decca F 12650. 1967.

Ain’t Nobody Home/For You. Page One POF 016. 1967.

A Man Without A Face/Baby I Don’t Need Your Love. RCA RCA 1754. 1968.

I Get The Sweetest Feeling/Candy. RCA RCA 1823. 1969.

Editor’s Note: Being a vocal group they needed a backing band and the Beatles were the first to do the honours. The Chants then found themselves a regular backing band called the Harlems. There were various member changes and in 1964 when the group were appearing in Hamburg, Ireland and on shows such as the Prince of Wales Theatre in London the members were Rob Eccles, Brendan McCormack, John Bedson and Bob Gilmore.

There were numerous features and news stories about the Chants in Mersey Beat. Here is one which appeared on 17 September 1964 headed ‘A Tribute To Stanley House.’

The B side of THE CHANTS latest disc ‘One Star’ is credited to Stanley Houseman.

Actually, the number was written by songwriting Chant EDDIE AMOO who agreed with a suggestion that they use the pseudonym as a tribute to Stanley House where they made their very first appearance almost two years ago.

Stanley House is a Community Centre in Upper Parliament Street in the heart of Liverpool’s coloured quarter.

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