The Chants (cont.)

Eric Burdon and Eddie AnkrahSays Eddie, “It’s a social club where you have all the facilities for every kind of recreation – sport, boxing, everything. We were all interested in singing so they used to let us practice here. The members of the club used to come around and watch us and give us encouragement.”

Several other coloured vocal groups were born in Stanley House, but the majority of them have disbanded.

Discussing the A side of their disc – ‘Sweet Was The Wine’, Eddie told us: “We’ve got more faith in this than any of the other discs we made, mainly because you can hear our voices very clearly and also because we have THE HARLEMS backing us.

“We hope this will be the one to make the charts.”

Another piece on 8 October 1964 was headed ‘No Chart Honours – But Chants Are Not Worried.’

Despite the fact that their current disc ‘Sweet Was The Wine’ had not appeared in the Top Fifty charts, Liverpool vocal group THE CHANTS are not worried.

The disc has brought us back in the public eye,” they say, “and we get good receptions wherever we appear. The number seems to go down well with audiences and people like it. We don’t know why it hasn’t caught on in a big way, it’s just one of those things.”

The group returned from a week’s tour of Ireland last week. “The first night we were there we appeared on a television show – ‘The Showband Show,” they told us.

One of the Mersey Beat covers of the ChantsCommenting on their reception in the Emerald Isle, they said: “The audiences were pretty responsive – and to get them with you you really have to work hard. This, we believe, is because of the Showbands they have over there who perform on stage for hours. The whole scene seems dominated by Showbands, and they’re very good. Irish audiences seem wilder than those in England – and one night we couldn’t even get off the stage, there were so many youngsters crowding around us.

“A lot of people over there expect you to perform Top Twenty numbers, as their Showbands do. We had one fellow who kept asking us to perform ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ all night. He said, ‘You’re from Liverpool, you must know it.’”

On their return from Ireland, the group appeared on ‘Discs A Gogo.’

“It’s one of the best television shows we’ve appeared on – there’s so much atmosphere in it.

“ALAN HARDING lost his wallet with £50 in it. He kept on looking for it and eventually, after searching for two hours, he found it. This is the second time he’s lost that particular wallet and found it again – but we’re making him burn it because we think it must be unlucky.”

Currently the group have no more television appearances or tours lined up, but they have a great deal of one-nighters and hope to be in the recording studios again in the near future.

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