Faith Brown
By Bill Harry  

16-year-old Irene at the Rialto BallroomIrene Carroll (later to use the stage name Faith Brown) was born in Liverpool on 28 May 1944.

She has never received anything like the acclaim or publicity of Cilla Black, but as a contemporary Liverpool artist she has many achievements to her credit as an all round entertainer, singer, recording artist, dramatic actress, comedienne, impersonator and television celebrity.

Irene began her career as a singer at the age of 15, backed by a local group. She then became a resident singer at the Rialto Ballroom, Upper Parliament Street and next joined her three brothers in the Carrolls, a group who made several records during the Sixties.

Under the name Faith Brown she began recording as a solo artist in the 1970s and then achieved fame for her impressions on the television show ‘Who Do You Do.’ Other television series followed including her own series of six shows under the name ‘The Faith Brown Chat Show’ which made its debut in 1980. She was soon awarded the title ‘The Funniest Lady on Television’ and was the subject of a ‘This Is Your Life’ programme.

As a dramatic actress she appeared in programmes ranging from ‘Doctor Who’ to ‘Brookside’ and stage shows such as ‘Sunset Boulevard.’

Her singles with the Carrolls were:

‘Surrender Your Love’/’The Folk I Love’ (BM 56081) and ‘Ever Since’/’Come On’ (CBS 3750), both in 1968.

‘So Gently Falls The Rain’/’Nice To See you Darling’ (CBS 3414) and ‘A Lemom Balloon And a Blue Sky’/’Make Me Belong To You’ (CBS 3875), both in 1968

and ‘We’re In This Together’/’We know Better’ (CBS 4401).

Her solo records under the name Faith Brown were:

‘Lock Me In’/’The Game Of Love’ (CBS 4728) and ‘Any Way That You Want Me’/’City Wine’ (PEN 766) both in 1970.

‘Take Me With You’/’If We Only Have Love’ (Pye 3063) in 1972.

‘Your Love’s An Illusion’/’Right Between The Eyes’ (Pye 45317) in 1974.

‘Bingo’/’Saturday Night Is The Night’ (Pye 45317) and ‘Stone The Crows’/’Turn On The Light’ (Pye 45255), both in 1975.

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