The George Peckham Story
Part Five: Leaving Apple
By George Peckham  

With the All StarsI remember that I used to meet lots of different Bands at the Ship Pub in Wardour Street, Soho. It was well known for bands to be formed within the walls of this particular pub, it was just up the road from the Marquee Club which was really handy if you wanted a drink and later wanted to see live bands playing there. There was also a private drinking club in-between them both called the La Chasse where record label managers such as Tony Stratton Smith used to frequent a lot before they would amble onto the Marquee.

I used to love the Ship pub. The Landlord and Landlady there were more like Mum and Dad to me as I was such a wind-up person. I remember going in one night and Lilah the landlady said to me, “Hey George what is wrong with you, you don’t seem like your normal self tonight.”

I just told her that I had a really bad week at work: the Taxman had taken most of my wages and now I just had enough to pay my rent, but not enough to eat at all. I said that my tummy had been rumbling all day. She immediately said “I’ll make you a sandwich for nothing,” I said “Please Lilah, my pride wouldn’t allow me to beg you for food.”

She tried very hard to get me to accept some food ‘till after a while I asked if she would just let me have two pieces of bread and butter just to stop the pain and the rumbling in my tummy, which she did, while still insisting that she would rather I would accept some proper sandwiches. I turned around and placed my willy between both slices of bread and said to Lilah: “Oh Lilah come here a second, look at this, how’s that for a sausage sandwich.” She said “You are a little bugger, always finding ways to wind us all up. You really are lucky that Sid and I like you otherwise we would have barred you ages ago.”

Another time a pal of mine from Liverpool had come down to stay for a while and I took him to the Ship to meet my friends, Sid and Lilah. We were at the bar drinking when I told my pal that I had to go to the Toilet and would be back soon. What I did was wait for about two minutes, pulled down my jeans and my underpants and opened the toilet door and shouted as loud as I could, “Lilah have you got any bog roll at all?” My pal looked like he needed to find the nearest stone to hide under.

I used to own a Honda Monkey Bike and was seen dashing around town on it: maximum speed 28 miles per hour. On one occasion I asked a pal in the Ship to stand by the other entrance and be ready to open the door when I said. What I did was drive my monkey bike through one door and out of the other door, which my pal was holding. A minute later I came dashing into the pub shouting “Has anyone seen my twin brother he has just nicked my Monkey bike!” Everyone knew it was me anyway, but Lilah stood there speechless she just could not believe what I had done.

Back at Apple I was always winding the poor doorman/security man Mr. Bill Swain. He was a nice old gentleman really, it was just that he always kept an eye on me, always asking what was I up to now. He just didn’t trust me to behave myself. I was always kidding him. I even took a copy of the fire instructions which were displayed on each floor by the side of the lift and I sat and retyped the instructions in case of a fire.

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