Hal Carter
By Bill Harry  

Hal at the Valbonne Club, Kingly Street, LondonHal Carter, one of Liverpool’s musical legends, died in hospital following a long illness at the age of 69 on 13 July, 2004.

Hal's funeral was held at Islington Crematorium, High Road, East Finchley, London N2, on Tuesday, 20 July at 12.30pm. attended by more than 200 people, who included: Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, Vince Eager, John Leyton, Tommy Bruce, Bruce Welch of the Shadows, Jess Conrad, Danny Rivers, John McNally, Spencer James and Frank Allen of The Searchers, Dave Sampson, Chip Hawkins of the Tremeloes, Peter Sarstedt and Mike Berry. 

Recordings of Billy Kinsley's ‘You Are My Love’, Billy Fury's ‘Halfway To Paradise’ and ‘You'll Never Walk Alone’ by Gerry and the Pacemakers were played.

A Memorial Mass was also held in his honour at St Michael’s Church in Oatlands Road, Kirkby, Liverpool on 18 September 2004. It had been organized by Hal’s two sisters and among the 70 people who attended were Billy Fury’s mother Jean and his brother Albie Wycherley. 

Hal was born Hal Carter Burrows in 1935 and raised in the Scotland Yard area of Liverpool. Following his National Service, he left the army in 1956 and took several jobs, at one time working at Bertram Mills Circus, at another as warehouse foreman to Union Carbide, a chemical company.

He decided to spend his spare time organizing local rock ‘n’ roll shows and even began managing a group in the evenings called the Brunswick Five. He suggested the band add a girl singer to the line-up and they became the Brunswick Five Plus One.

When Hal heard that there was a package show playing at the Liverpool Empire, with Marty Wilde topping the bill, he decided to go along in an effort to meet with Wee Willie Harris’ manager. He met Jimmy Tarbuck at the stage door and Jimmy offered to introduce him to impresario Larry Parnes, Wilde’s manager. 

The tour promoter John Smith then came to the stage door in a state of near panic saying that Marty and Parnes couldn’t get out of their hotel because of the crowds of fans. Hal turned to Smith and said he’d take care of it and managed to get Marty and Parnes out of the hotel via an alley to the rear, had them taken by taxi past the crowds of fans to the theatre foyer and into the backstage area.

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