Johnny Guitar's Diaries: 1959

By Bill Harry  

Carry On SergeantSome notes:
14.7 Alan owes me 14/-
Elec.guitar. Tony Waddington STA 4970 H. made.
Maureen Woods, 109 Delamore Street, L4 BOO 4139 Banjo
Casbah club (Mrs Best) STA 1550 (Friend of Ruth's)
Drums Ritchie Starkey, 10 Admiral Grove, Dingle. Phone Jones, Newsagent.
Cyril Isherwood, Locarno Manager, Locarno
Van driver Ian How STO 8011 (J. Jobson's friend)
C. Service Club, Back Castle Street. Mr. Clare
Bass player Les Brain, 19 Dunkeld St. L6 (by Locarno)
Write to Brian Matthew, Saturday Club
Call at Starlite Club, behind Locarno
Bernard Jones, Dance Sec. Student's Union
Drummer Bruce Clark (J.M.Q.) STA 3441
Bass player. Spud Ward. 5 Frodsham Street, Walton
Guitar Johnny Carter STO 5319
Drummer C. Marsh. Nicholson St., St Helens
Drummer D. Lovelady. Waterloo, WAT 1348
Guitar, vocal Teddy Taylor WAT 3133 (ask for Pete)
Miss P. Hesketh, 22 Danescourt Road, 13
Helen Anderson, 27 Drake Road, Fazakerley
Harry Spiers
Margaret Clarke, Dovecot, 14
Barbara Hughes
Jimmy Clough, 40 Hilary Road, Liverpool 4
Jim Rankin (e. guitar), 15 Redington Road, 19
Pauline Davies
Mr. T. Johnson, Entertainments Manager, Butlins, Pwhelli
Alan Thompson, 31 Glen Road, L13 (STO 7045)
Hazel, 33 Hillberry Ave, L13
Barbara Jones, 55 Shakespeare St., Everton, Liverpool 6
Joan Rimmer, 8 Sheil Road, L7
Cyn Jessen, Gateacre
Lesley Metcalfe, 14 Ventnor Road, 15
Diane Norvill, 83 Laurence Road, 15
Jim McIver (WAT 3123) Jive Hive (GRE 1817)
Mr. Cunningham (BOO 3479)
Jack Martin (WAT 221)
Mr. Kelly (GRE 5043)
Drummer Dave Lovelady (WAT 4338)
Barry Krone
Cyril Isherwood, Locarno Manager, West Derby Road
Cavern CEN 1591
Minibus (12 seats) (GRE 4892/7166)
Alan Caldwell (Winniemacs STO 3324)
Bootle Times every Friday 3d.
Crosby Herald every Friday 4d.
Ormskirk Advertiser every Thursday 3d.
Bootle Herald Friday

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