Johnny Guitar's Diaries: 1960

By Bill Harry  

Ringo Starr, Ty, Lou, Rory, JohnnyPat Byrne CEN 6010 (Ext. 305)

Record Radio Services ROY 1311

Bill's girlfriend Betty STA 5000

Taylor's Chemist (Eileen) FOR 437

Eileen Manson, 29 Brewery Lane, Freshfield

Doreen Usher, I Victory Ave, High Park, Southport

Musicians Union (Syd Levin proposes us) Mr Wady, Radnor Drive, New Brighton (Fee 10/6d)

Jim Gretty, 7 Reckesmith Street, 7

Bernard Jones (Students Union Dances)

Van driver Ian Howe (J. Jobson's friend)

Civil Service Club, Back Castle St, Mr Clare

Frank McGrath (Knight) 113 Botanic Road, 7 (Frank Knight & the Barons)

Alan Caldwell (Winnie Macs) STO 3324

Bass Spud Ward 5 Frodsham St, Walton

Drummers Barry Krone, Bruce Clark, Don Singleton, Tom Moore (R. Leas brother) 49 Fern Court, 8 (Comment 'Good').

Guitarists Johnny Gustafson, Bill (Blackjacks)

Promoters Jack Martin, Mr. Cunningham

Cyn Jessen, Gateacre

Pat Hesketh, Harry Spiers, Margaret Clarke, Christine Hardwick, Jimmy Clough, Barbara Jones.

Alan Thompson, 31 Glen Road, 13

Hazel, Joan Rimmer, Lesley Metcalfe, Diane Norville, Irene Dolan, Yvonne Whitham, Miss Bernice Rich, 95b Eastbank Street, Southport, Pamela Houghton, 180 Southbank St.

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