Johnny Guitar's Diaries: 1961
By Bill Harry  

The Hurricanes at the Jive HiveNote says '140 appearances, Jan/22 May'

Catrin Hinrichsen, Hamburg

Irene Dolan, 69 Hampton Road, Southport

Pauline Rainford, Greasby

Bill Barlow - guitarist, 194 Score Lane, L 13. Don Singleton, drummer

Rory down as 'Al Cal (Winnie Macs)'

Mrs. Stead, same address as Eileen Manson. W.P. Redhead, Penwortham, C.B.Dagger,
55 Churchgate, Southport (Note: Gene Vincent photos at S'port).

Pauline Dodds, Gaumont, Bootle.

Party - Cilla Black, 380 Scot Road, Past Vernons, near Wm Moult St.

Note: 'Mother owes £20, Pat owes £18, Rory owes £6.' Reference to some photos taken with Jim Gretty.

1. Opened at Fkurhenke. Fabulous. Bruno came to see boss. Katrin came to see me.

2. Went to police, no point in staying. Bruno can stop us. Boys went home straight away.

3. Met smashing girl on way to pick up Ringo's parcel.

4. Rory and I caught 3.30 train. Katrin and other girl saw me off. Had to carry our case at Hook of Holland. I was sick on boat, arrived in Liverpool 4. Ty and Co met us. Rory and I went to Litherland to see Beatles and (?) Faron.

6. Mossway Hall. Played okay, we were a bit stale. Pat took us in car.

7. Alexandra Hall. Big crowd to see us. Ty ill, Johnny Gus played, we were awful, our first night too, 2nd half better. Eileen was there. She wanted to go with me.

9. One year ago met Eileen and asked for date.

10. Civil Service. Ty still sick. J. Gus played, played lousy, doesn't fit in.

11. Cherokee. Johnny Gus played, good night, not crowded.

13. Mossway Hall. Brought Ty's echo box, ours never worked. Played good.

14. Jive Hive. Played ok, not sensational.

16. 10 groups on, we played great. Lord Mayor was there. Went back to Johnny Tempest's house, had good party.

17. Cherokee. We got 8/- each. Doorman ran off with money. Went to Jac.

18. Shadows at Cavern. Shadows were ok.

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