Johnny Guitar's Diary: 1962/1963
By Bill Harry  

The HurricanesJanuary
2. Eileen and I went to see 'South Pacific', good musical.

9. Tower, played ok, packed.

14. Wallsden, Nr Leigh. Played fab, went to fan's house.

17. Bought Zodiac. Knotty Ash, Orrell, then Sam Leach's engagement party. Had row with Eileen. Got home 6.

4. Eileen and I had row, finished with me.

31. Eileen helped me pack, left for France at 5 Sat morning. Got to Dover ok, sick on boat, got here at Fontenet 8.30. Ringo and Bobby arrived 30 mins later. We started playing in the Min (?), stayed at Carmine Hotel the first night, then got fab hotel, Petite Bar for £2.10.0 including a dinner every day, fabulous day. All the Yanks are friendly, they had a bowling alley, cinema, snack bar, the meals were great. The only trouble was with the MP's over passes and stuff.

The club was great, we used to go to Rozon (?) Beach, got a great tan, not many girls, never had one at all, don't care, I only love Eileen, hope to get married.

Remo 4 really not going down too well. Went to club in French town, Rochefort, Saintes, Cognacs, La Rochelle. The French people all seem very poor. Our agent Ted Easton, only young 27, came down to pay us.

The HurricanesNew band arrived to take our place, Cimmarons from Liverpool, not much good. We finish on Monday night. Pay night for GI's, get a great send off, left for Orleans army base, 12 noon Tues (30/4). Get here 6 Tues, play 7.30 in club, had to sleep in car as too late for hotel.

Great hotel 2 miles from camp, 4 francs a night, just by beach, then the camp barmen sent to tell us we were finished as too loud and rock 'n' roll, but all guys wanted us and get up a petition, everyone like us but these 3 old committee members. Anyway, we played at a nearby base Sorian on Wed night, went down a bomb, everyone was there from Orleans. The committee decided we were staying. So started playing again on Thurs night.

Ted Easton wants us to stay but we'd already arranged to go home to Liverpool. Had great journey home, was seasick, got home on Mon morning. Eileen here, love her, missed her. Good to be back, played a few dates, went to see about Butlin's, we're playing Skegness.

1. Butlins, Skegness. Eileen already there. We get chalet accommodation, I'm with Ringo. Ballroom ok, had to play quite long hours. Eileen went off with Redcoat, Johnny, lasted about a week. We went down quite well. Eileen sacked, caught in my chalet asleep, saw her off home. I was put off, got caravan, then had to look for another one. Anna got me one near camp.

Eileen came back to stay with me. Rory moved in with Ringo. Grand (?) no atmosphere, had few rows with Eileen, played a few sets at the Embassy, Skegness. Ringo came and lived with me. His girl (can't read?) he got separate caravan, then sent her home.

Eileen had job, then packed in. On the whole, a fair season for us, not as good as Pwllheli, we had our own show there. We finished here 31st August, packed in transit, had farewell drink at Anna's. Left 10 on Sat morning, got home at 4.30. Eileen went home about 11.

9. Bobby joined Dominoes, Ringo Beatles. We got (?) back and got Gibson Kemp as drummer, very good. Group not very good at the moment, no new songs, will have to improve. Eileen gets a job at Tatler. Not playing many dates, not much work, Sammy owes us money. Had three months work in France but were refused.

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