Johnny Guitar's Diaries: 1963
By Bill Harry  

Ringo at ButlinsDon Arden Enterprises

Addresses: Eileen Manson crossed out

Carole Weston, Birmingham. 'Dark girl' Sheffield, very nice

Tony Ashdown (drums), Staines.

Howie Casey WAL 4348 (Scotts)

Erika Wholers, Hamburg (girl with baby)

Elke Jesgaz, Hamburg.

J. Piggot. Greasby

Margaret Townend, 19 Kimberley Drive, G. Crosby.

Margit Karolewski, Hamburg. Thelma Jones, Mold.

Money owing: Locarno £3. £3 (Beat Bob), £32 (Roy).

Note: Dizzy Miss Lizzie - Roy.

23. Eileen there, wouldn't speak. Finally told me she didn't love me anymore. I'll take a long time to forget her.

24. Maxine's Southport, cancelled. Rory and I went to see Shane Fenton at Majestic.

26. Holyoake, no bass or drums. Majestic, then Iron Door (all-nighter) at 2. Eileen was there with Phil, I felt lousy, did great show though, Ron and I left at 6.

29. Went to Eileen's. We do love each other.

1. Knotty Ash, Orrell Park. Deni played with us, very good.

2. Iron Door, Holyoake. Deni played poor.

4. Orrell Park, Majestic. Deni played, not bad.

13. Practiced at Ty's.

14. Majestic, played good. Beatles at Blue Angel, got home at 5 o clock.

15. Got new amp, Vox AC 30, Ty Fender fabulous. Got £30 on old ones.

16. Widnes, ok. Eileen came, also Goldi, girl from Star Club. Back home, was tired, had row.

26. Went up to Eileen's, found out she sold engagement ring for £15. I don't know what I think of her now.

27. Went to pictures to see 'Gypsy' with Eileen.

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