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Beryl MarsdenDave Munkhoff
I still love Lulu! I read your bio on Beryl Marsden, what a sad story. I downloaded her version of "I Know" to check her out. She could've been super big; she had the voice and looks. The bio was fascinating and reminded me of another incredible talent, Sandie Shaw. When I'm on your site I can't pull myself away.

The British Invasion was the most exciting thing in American music! WOW! I love this site! (I Googled the Fourmost and ended up here) This music and these people are why I became a musician. I've got a lot more reading to catch up on so I've added this site to my favorites. I could never understand why Cilla wasn't a big star over here; no white girl over here had a voice that strong. I plan on putting a link to Mersey Beat on my web site at Thanks for this wonderful site!

(Beryl and Sandie are great friends, although their first meeting, as described in Sandie’s autobiography, didn’t indicate how close they would become.

Sandie writes: “I first met Beryl, the Scouse scallywag, on the Northern line – I was being followed. On leaving Ann O’Dell’s house in Hampstead I walked anonymously to the Underground. I had just attended my first Buddhist meeting there. That annoying, chirpy, Liverpudlian woman who had been sitting opposite me in the circle of people gathered around Annie’s Buddhist shrine was still insisting on getting my attention….click, click, those spiky heels of hers pestered me along the side of the train and into the compartment. She sat down beside me. I concentrated on staring out of the window, trying to ignore her presence.

“Hi! I’m Beryl Marsden. I just saw you at that meeting didn’t I? Are you a Buddhist then?’ she intruded cheerily.

I froze in panic.

“Well?” she persisted, extending her offer of friendship further.

“Yes, I am,” I volunteered grudgingly.

We traveled in icy silence. Sensing my extreme discomfort, Beryl must have been relieved when we arrived at her stop.

“Stuck up cow!” she thought, as she told me later when we became best friends. “You looked more like a frumpy school ma’am than a pop star!”)

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