The Day I Shot Jackie

By Chris Huston  

The Daily Mail. Monday July 6 1964

Undertakers' Guitarist 'Shot' In The Head
Jackie Lomax in hospital"Jackie Lomax, 19 year old bass guitarist and lead vocalist with the Liverpool beat group the Undertakers, was reported to have been shot in the head last night.

The group were in a Glasgow hotel room preparing for their £250 appearance at the city's La Cave club when it happened.

Other members of the group were examining a heavy air gun one of them had just bought. It went off and Jackie, of Martins Lane, Wallasey, fell to the floor, it was said.

An announcement was at the club saying that the group, who have made several TV appearances could not appear. Their manager, Mr. Ralph Webster, said early today: 'I understand that Jackie's condition is quite serious and he will be out of action for several days at least.'"


Scottish Daily Express. Monday July 6 1964

Mersey Pop Boy Shot At Fun-Fair
"A Merseyside beat star was accidentally shot in the neck at a Largs fun-fair yesterday.

Jackie Lomax, a member of the Undertakers beat group, moved into the line of fire just as another member of the group squeezed the trigger of an air gun.

Twenty year old Jackie staggered in the sunlit fairground as holiday-makers ran to help the other four Undertakers get him into their van. Last night his condition was not too serious.

Said Jackie, of Wallasey, Cheshire: "I thought at first I'd been bonked."

The Undertakers were on the last day of their fortnight's tour of Scotland and had gone to Largs for some fun before appearing at La Cave club in Glasgow. Their spot was taken over by the Bellrocks beat group."

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