The Tower Ballroom, New Brighton

By Bill Harry  

John Lennon and Paul McCartney at the TowerThe Tower, New Brighton was named because it originally featured a huge Tower which was patterned on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Work began on it during June 1896 and it was completed in 1900. The Tower was the highest structure in Britain and stood 567ft. Four lifts took half a million sightseers to the top during the first year with the view taking in the Isle of Man, parts of the Lake District and the Welsh hills.

During the First World War, for security reasons, trips to the top of the Tower were suspended. The Tower was neglected, turned rusty and the owner couldn't afford the renovations so it began to be dismantled in 1919.

The Tower building contained one of the largest ballroom facilities on Merseyside which was able to accommodate up to five thousand people.

George Harrison's grandfather was once a commissionaire at the ballroom.

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