Alive at the Cavern

By John Schroeder (Oriole Recording Manager)  

March 12 1964

Live at the CavernNow that the time has arrived again for me to say goodbye to Liverpool having literally become a Cave Dweller for the past 10 days, all I can say is that I feel exhausted but happy - happy because once again I have had the opportunity of meeting and making many old and new friends.

Although it was hard work and the facilities for recording at the incomparable 'Cave' were not the most to be desired, I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. It will be yet another experience about Liverpool I shall never forget.

The success of the 'Mersey Beat' albums from this visit will be received with as much acclaim.

Alexis Korner during the recordingOnce again the general standard was high although, to be honest, I did not find anything that 'knocked me out', mainly, I guess, because there was nothing that was vitally different.

One strong criticism I have is that groups will persist in performing the same material. For example, I have so many versions of one particular song that I have enough to make an LP of it on its own and calling it 'I2 Ways To Get My Mojo Working!'

I would particularly like to congratulate the Roadrunners on the remarkable improvement since my last visit. A lot of hard work and practice must have been put into the group. I would also like to thank Alexis Korner on the truly fantastic evening.

The Roadrunner recording for SchroederApproximately 20 groups were recorded, but it is impossible to judge at this stage just how many will be represented. The tapes will go back to our London Studios and echo and other technical advantages will be added, after which it will be far easier to assess individual performances and select the titles.

It is estimated that two LPs will be released in approximately four weeks' time, of which further details regarding titles and composition will be announced in Mersey Beat shortly.

On behalf of myself, John Wood and Geoff Frost, our engineers, I would sincerely like to thank Ray McFall, Bob Wooler and all other 'Cave' staff for their wonderful co-operation in helping to make the project a success; Bill Harry and Virginia and Alan Williams for their great and never-failing hospitality, but in particular to thank all those groups who took part, and to wish every one of them assured success for the future.

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