Among My Souvenirs

By Ringo Starr  

August 29 1963

Ringo StarrI collect most of the souvenirs which are sent to me, and also some which are sent to the rest of the group. I like them all and I think the fans are good for sending them to us.

I've got most of them on a shelf in the house and have about sixty dolls. I've got dogs, fish, kewpie dolls, elephants, and on my birthday I received a model of Fred Flintstone which actually plays a bass drum - he is fabulous.

Many of the presents which are sent to us are handmade and I appreciate what the girls have made themselves.

I like everything that's sent along - except Donald Duck! and because I don't like Donald Duck - I've got fifteen Donald Duck's!

We receive every kind of present and I have rings and bracelets from fans, but the amount of jelly babies sent to us is tremendous - we couldn't possibly eat them all.

Editor's Note: Ringo revealed to me that all the jelly babies were sent to a children's hospital.

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