A Beatle Named George

By Bill Harry  

August 20 1964

A classic shot of George Harrison by Astrid KirchherrFebruary 25, 1943 – a date that should mean a great deal to thousands of girls throughout the world. YOU don’t know? Think hard – it’s a Very Important day in the life of a Very Important Pop Idol.

Guessed yet? It’s the day on which a bouncing boy was born to Mr and Mrs. Harold Harrison in a small house near Chestnut Grove in Wavertree, Liverpool. That blond-haired baby with the big brown eyes grew up to be a member of the most fantastically successful beat group the world has ever seen – he was christened GEORGE HARRISON.

But it was 20 years or so before George, as a member of the world-conquering BEATLES, was to hit the limelight. At the time he was just the youngest member of the Harrison family – his brother Harry was nine, his sister Louise six, and elder brother Peter was only three years old.

Never Naughty
George was an ordinary child, living in an ordinary house with his parents and brothers and sister. It was impossible to foresee that his name would one day be a household word throughout the world, a name to set girls swooning in their thousands.

George’s mother, attractive blonde-haired Mrs. Louise Harrison, told MERSEY BEAT: “George was good as a child. He was no trouble at all and was never a naughty boy. Lots of people think that maybe I say this because he’s famous now, but he WAS good so it would be unfair to say he was a naughty boy!”

When the youngest Harrison was about six years old, the family moved to live in Upton Green, Speke, but George went to school in Mossley Hill. He attended Dovedale Road County Primary School for six years, “because all the schools in Speke were full,” explained Mrs. Harrison, “and he would have had to wait until he was six and a half to start school.”

Mrs. Harrison continued, “George was very eager to start school. He was a bright, intelligent child and very independent.”

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