Behind the Scenes 6

By Bob Azurdia  

August 6 1964

The MastersoundsAnother Mersey Group For Hamburg
Off on a month’s trip to Hamburg this week went THE MASTERSOUNDS.

The boy, who’ve been playing a lot in the Midlands lately, tell me that they’re at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg till the end of August – and then they’ll be back to what they hope will be their biggest success story to date.

ADRIAN LORD, their way-out lead vocalist, who was formerly with THE NOMADS and THE MOJOS, says that the boys have been busy cutting numbers in London during the last few days and they hope that at least one of these will be released in the near future.

“We’ve been doing ‘Don’t you Leave Me’”, he said – and original by Adrian’s 14-years-old brother Graham – “And ‘What Went Wrong.’ But we don’t know yet what our first single will be. We hope to release it independently – or on the RCA label, since we have contracts with the company.”

In town last week was BILLY HATTON, member of THE FOURMOST, who’ve been playing a season with CILLA BLACK at the London Palladium.

I always remember Billy telling me some time ago that it’s not you that changes when you sample success and get a record in the charts – it’s everyone else except you.

“They make a great fuss and say ‘Hello Billy’ this and ‘Hello Billy’ that and the other – but you really don’t know who or where you are with them. Very few of your old mates treat you just as they treated you before – and if you behave in any little way differently, then you’re big-headed. You just can’t win.”

I’m pleased to say that Billy didn’t seem to be overpowered with the crowd of star-conscious hangers-on. He seemed, in fact, well able to look after himself. He should win!

I got a glorious coloured card this week from Spain and it was from MIKE BLYTHE of THE REDCAPS.

Mike tells me that he’s been having a fabulous time on the Costa Brava and that it’s really warm just now.

“I went to Barcelona last week,” he says, “and took a look at a few of the local nightclubs – now I’ll see what it looks like in the clubs round here this week.”

In fact, by the time you read this Mick and all the Redcaps will be back at work, holidays over for another year.

Mike, who went to Spain, was the only member of the group to go abroad – the Walker twins, Mike and Dave, were in a caravan in Wales with ALAN MORLEY, While ‘MAC’ BROADHURST went to Margate.

Beating out the rhythm on a drum hasn’t lost any of its meaning for JOHNNY HUTCHINSON, member of the original and greatest BIG THREE.

Johnny sat in for a pretty good session at the Angel last week with an all-star pick-up group which included BILLY KINSLEY.

He showed that he’s still a few tricks in his sticks to show the younger element in our local beat world!

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