Behind the Scenes 2
By Bob Azurdia  

July 2 1964

Gerry Marsden at the LocarnoGerry's Film To Cost £108,000
Welcoming Gerry Marsden and the Pacemakers back from one of their jaunts is always one of the joys of my life.

They are a great group of lads, completely unaffected and they always seem as glad to be back in the Pool as Liverpool is to see them.

"Of course we are glad to be back," Les Maguire explained. "It's home, isn't it - wherever we are we try to get home and this time we're going to have four and a half weeks. Great!!!"

I met the lads at the glittering Adelphi Hotel Press reception - but the plush surroundings had no quenching effect.

"We work from eight till about six each day," Freddie said, "while making this 'Ferry 'Cross The Mersey' film - but most of the time is spent hanging around waiting for something to happen."

Gerry explained that it was about himself and Chubby Chadwick - who's lost weight - playing the part of art students in Liverpool

"I don't exactly play myself," cracked Gerry, "They leave out the part about Borstal!"

He told me that he's written all but one of the 11 new numbers in the film and that they'll all be issued on an LP about September or October when the film was due for release.

Freddie, of all the group, seemed most to like the idea of making a career as an actor.

Gerry wasn't too keen. "You have to go over the same bit again and again and again," he said. "You get choked."

Produced by Mike Holden - who was also concerned with 'Tom Jones' and 'A Taste Of Honey' - the black and white film is to cost about £108,000.

"I'm very satisfied with the way things are going," Mike announced. "It's the first beat film to be made in Liverpool and we couldn't wish for a better group to take part in it."

He added that the cost mattered less than may be thought - and that a film costing two or three times more than 'Ferry 'Cross the Mersey' wasn't necessarily going to be two or three times better.

"We could have made this film for about £50,000," he explained, "but it would have been scraping it a little too much."

And the premier of the film?

"Sometime in the autumn - and we hope the premier will be in Liverpool."

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