Behind the Scenes 3

By Bob Azurdia  

May 1 1964

Will Jackie Follow Cilla Into The Big Time?

Jackie MartinLooks as if petite JACKIE MARTIN is going to be the local girl to follow CILLA BLACK into the big-time.

For Jackie, still 16, goes to London this week to record her TV appearances for 'Ready, Steady, Go!' and 'Juke Box Jury' - and she's got a disc on the Decca label for release shortly.

Jackie, who used to front THE DOMINATORS, will be doing no less than five TV shows in the next two weeks and she's got seven numbers from which she'll choose her first single.

When the excitement goes down a little she's got to start a three-month engagement in a West End cabaret - so things are really moving for the lass from Clubmoor.

Although a certain section of this paper is known as the 'Mersey Beatle' no-one could say that the Mersey Beat started because of THE BEATLES.

Quite the reverse, in fact - but another local music paper did come into being simply because of a group and its needs.

The group is, of course, THE SPINNERS, Britain's Number One folk-singing outfit - and their magazine 'Spin' has just had a third birthday.

It's edited by BERYL DAVIES, who's married to the Spinners' leader Tony - and I dare say the next edition will carry the full story of last week's fabulous Philharmonic Concert.

There are not many Liverpool groups who could fill the Phil - but the Spinners did and they've booked it again for one night in September, October and November.

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