Meet the Singer: Beryl Marsden

By Bill Harry  

January 17 1963

Beryl Marsden15-years-old Beryl Marsden received a special award at the Mersey Beat Awards Show, at the suggestion of Virginia who considers Beryl to be one of the most talented personalities on Merseyside.

Beryl, who has three brothers and three sisters, has only been singing professionally for two months and has already procured a Decca recording contract. She practices for three hours a day, four days a week and considers that it is important for a singer to make an impact. “If people talk – they wish to see you again,” she says. “I prefer songs with feeling – I want to communicate with an audience, make sad people feel happy. I wouldn’t want to sing rubbish.”

Her professional ambition is to become an international star, and she realizes the amount of hard work in store for her. “But a person who is not willing to work hard will never make3 it to the top,” she says.

Beryl Marden Decca photoPrior to meeting her manager Joe Flannery, Beryl had considered leaving for France to tour U.S. bases with Faron & the Flamingos. Earlier she had appeared frequently at the Orrell Park Ballroom with the Undertakers.

Editor’s Note: Beryl’s fuller biographies can be found in the AtoZ Articles section of the site. To those stories, Beryl adds: “I was already singing before I left school and went to Hamburg when I was 16. Joe (Flannery) was my chaperone. When I joined She Trinity we changed the name to British Maid and toured Europe including the American bases. We had Barbara Thompson on sax and two drummers it was a good band. After this I returned to Liverpool and joined Sinbad at the Victorian. A great band. We used to do the Mardi (Gras) as well. I only ever stopped singing for a short time. I'm extending my album ‘One Dream’ with 5 more songs, which will be launched officially later in the year (2005) at Avenue in Liverpool.”

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