By George

By George Harrison  

Mersey Beat: February 13 1964

Shortly before he flew to America last week, George Harrison settled back in a Liverpool club to discuss several topics:

George Harrison "No matter what happens in the States, we'll definitely be appearing in Liverpool again. We'll be here for an Autumn tour and a Christmas show. In fact we've got lots of dates open for things we may want to do. The 'Juke Box Jury' was made specially for Liverpool fans - and the last Christmas show. We've been in Liverpool for twenty years and naturally we think of the people here. As long as we get the chance we will always come back here.

We like to try and please our fans everywhere. We received a petition from Edinburgh with 7,000 names on it saying we'd never appeared there, with the result that we've now been booked to play there.

This year has more or less been booked and contracted so you won't see us staying in America.

We still think of everybody. By the way, congratulations to the Searchers - you're doing a grand job.

John's book isn't aimed at the fans but I suppose a lot of them will buy it. The 'with-it' people will get the gags and there are some great ones; he's also got some weird sketches in the book. One of the writings is called 'The Fat Growth Of Eric Herble.'

The four of us have all got cameras and we take pictures all the time. When we get back from America we'd like to publish a book of France and America as we see it. Don't know whether it will come out, though.

There'll be a new book out on us by the fellow who took the photos for our new LP sleeve - Robert Freeman. He's just finished it and the photographs are a knock-out. He never posed a shot.

The book will be called 'Beatles Limited' and he's going to America with us and doing a book for the Daily Mirror.

He's a very good friend of ours. Through him we have all bought these cameras and ended up as budding photographers. But we don't use flash, though. We first saw him six months ago and got to like his work.

By the way, there's a record out by the American Beatles - it's the Everly Brothers and the record's one of their old ones, 'Wake Up, Little Susie.' The excuse is that the Beatles used to call themselves the Four Everlys - but it's not true.

We're No.1 and No. 3 now. It's great being top of the American charts - and our LP record topped the LP charts for two weeks. It's a funny thing - 'I Saw Her Standing There' is the 'B' side of the single and it's on Capitol, and the same number is on the Vee Jay label on an LP which has also got into the charts.

I'm still interested in trying my hand at songwriting and I've a couple of further numbers. Trouble is I can't write lyrics. If I could write lyrics as easy as I could write melodies I would be turning them out like Paul and John.

I could write lyrics quick but I would think them corny. I'd want to get them right even if it took two months to do. But we don't get a lot of time and it is not a necessity really, that is why I am a bit lax.

Still, with 'Don't Bother Me' I proved to myself I could write a song if I tried.

I almost did a number with Ringo. He was playing my guitar and I had the tape on, so we tried something. We played it back fast and we had a song. When we get back from the States we'll spend a whole week recording. Germany is the next biggest market after America and Britain, and we've recorded 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and 'She Loves You' in German. There had to be a literal translation and the nearest to the name was 'Come, Give Me Your Hand.' In German the numbers are 'Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand' and 'Sie Liebt Dich.'

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