Cyclones Change Name

By Bill Harry  

April 24 1964

The FewOriole recording artists THE CYCLONES have now changed their name to THE FEW, their manager JIM TURNER informs us.

The group dropped into the Mersey Beat offices recently and the conversation drew around to the Hamburg scene. The boys who have appeared there this year, had a few comments to make on the subject.

“The Liverpool scene would rapidly begin to improve if KINGSIZE TAYLOR & THE DOMINOES returned,” they said.

“The Dominoes are the best group ever to originate from Liverpool – as any group who have been to the Star Club will confirm.

“We were at the Star Club in February and MANFRED WEISSLEDER told us we could come back any time we want to. We hope to return there in August.

“Liverpool has nothing to compare with the club – the acoustics and mikes are fantastic.

“However, Hamburg just has not got the groups Liverpool has. In fact, when we were over there we received three offers to stay.

“Of the groups in Hamburg THE BATS are definitely the best. They do way-out numbers, have piano and sax in the line-up and no other German group can compare with them. They are far superior to THE RATTLES and we can’t imagine why they weren’t on the Hamburg/Liverpool trip.

“THE DOMINOES, TONY SHERIDAN and THE BOBBY PATRICK BIG SIX all reckon that THE BATS are Hamburg’s top group.

“While we were playing at the Star Club the backdrop caught fire and we had to play while the smoke was billowing around us. This is the second time we’ve been on stage during a fire. The last time was at the Tower Ballroom last year.”

The line-up of THE FEW is: RON KINSEY (drums), TONY WEBSTER (lead guitar), FRED ENNIS (bass/vocal) and BILL WESLEY (tenor baritone).

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