The Dominos

By Bill Harry  

Mersey Beat: February 22 1962

Cilla BlackIt is a well known fact that the Dominoes were the first rock group to appear on Merseyside (at least this is the view shared by the Dominoes). They also claim the distinction of being the first Merseyside group to have broadcast on the airwaves of Radio Luxembourg, although this is a little known fact.

There have been many changes in the line-up of the group during the years it has been in existence, although it is felt that the present format is probably the best to date. Specializing in Rhythm & Blues and Rock type of music, the group performs many types of numbers which usually are not very well known to the general listening public. This obviously has its points for and against, but as a rule this procedure is appreciated by the fans as a change from the stream of Hit Parade material churned out night after night by the majority of other Rock groups.

Ted 'Kingsize' Taylor featured with the James Boys over five years ago, but after a short period with this group, switched to the Dominoes line-up in August '57. He is still a keen fan of many of the original Rock artists, and speaks very highly of the 'Fingers-on-fire' guitar playing of Arthur Smith. Ted first commenced playing the guitar when he received a lesson from the famous North of England guitarist, Billy Sullivan. Since then he has developed a style of his own which many guitarists have unsuccessfully tried to imitate. He also has a distinctive style in his voice, but the rest of the group reckon that he sounds more like Alan Breeze of the Billy Cotton Show fame.

Keith 'Sam' Hardie. the only member of the group who performed with the original Dominoes. He is a competent exponent of the Little Richard style of keyboard hammering, although it has been known for him to play classical type music when the moon is full. Left the Dominoes for a period of two years to serve as a member of the Lancashire Constabulary, but terminated his employment with same as he found the beat was too strong and he was only working for coppers.

Dave Lovelady, sometimes known as Dave, has been percussioning the drums since a very early age. Also performs well on piano, violin, trumpet, double bas and guitar. Well nigh four tenths of a decade of his musical career was spent performing with the Zodiacs musical ensemble and upon leaving to join the Dominoes had to drastically change his style to fit in the with Dominoes brand of music. His drumming was first influenced by Louis Bellson of Skin Deep fame, and enjoys playing swing and modern jazz.

Bobby Thompson was first discovered hiding behind a pair of spectacles in Lulu's Place, Soho. Originally played rhythm guitar for the James Boys and took up bass guitar 18 months ago when his rhythm was smashed up in a car crash. Was influenced by no one in particular and plays as if he's not particular. Emphatically states that a bass guitar should be played in the same style as a double bass and not as a guitar. He is a big Country and Western fan and this can be noticed by the influence of same on his singing, namely in such numbers as 'Wild Side Of Life' and 'You Win Again.'

1962 promises big things for the Dominoes and should see the introduction of Swinging Cilla into the permanent line-up of the group. The Dominoes would like to take this opportunity of expressing their appreciation to their loyal fans for voting them No. 6 in the Mersey Beat Popularity Poll and hope to improve their popularity in 1962.

As a post-script the Dominoes would like their van driver, Jim, to be mentioned - Jim.

Editor's Note: At this time groups were referred to a 'Rock groups' and it was only after Mersey Beat established itself that the paper began referring to them as Beat groups. Teddie Taylor was able to choose unusual numbers for the group's repertoire that other bands weren't aware of because he used to write to Chess Records in America and order singles from their catalogue. At the time Cilla Black was Taylor's girl friend and intended becoming a permanent member of the group, although this didn't happen. Cilla had also been singing with the Big Three and Rory Storm & the Hurricanes.

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