R&B Disc for the Escorts

By Bill Harry  

July 2 1964

The EscortsThe Escorts are considering recording an R&B number for their next disc. JOHN KINRADE told MERSEY BEAT: "If we do decide on this kind of number it will be one written by our manager JIM IRELAND and our publicity agent, JOHN CHILTON. I would probably play harmonica and John Chilton might play organ for the recording session."

In Scotland
The boys' current disc 'The One To Cry' is selling three times as fast as their first disc 'Dizzy Miss Lizzie' and they are hoping that it will make a chart showing.

The group is just back from a highly successful three-day tour of Scotland. "We were mobbed in Glasgow," John said. "We couldn't play our full spots and TERRY SYLVESTER and I were dragged off the stage. Terry even lost his shoes, and I had to be passed over the crowd of girls, football style."

TV Show
After playing two dates in Glasgow and one in Perth, the boys traveled down to Leicester and then to Surrey before returning to Liverpool. "We'll be playing at local venues mostly during the next week or so," said John.

Talking about the group's recent 'Ready, Steady, Go!' appearance, John said that he and the rest of the group didn't even manage to see it. He explained, "We dashed to catch a plane home after recording the show but there weren't any seat vacancies, and we had to wait until 10.30p.m. to get seats. Then storms delayed us so we didn't get home until the early hours of the morning. If we'd have come home in the van we'd have been home hours earlier."

On the journey back to Liverpool the boys met up with JAMES LLOYD, host of ABC TV's 'Gazette' programme. John said, "He remembered us from our performance in the show, and we had quite a long chat with him. He's a very nice guy."

Stage Outfits
The boys will have new stage outfits. John described them - Black Watch tartan shirts with black collars and cuffs, blue leather waistcoats and black mohair trousers. He added "We found that our suits were too bulky for stage wear and started wearing them without the jacket, just the waistcoat and found it far more comfortable.

Two of the group have just bought new cars. John has bought a pale blue Zephyr and drummer PETE CLARK has bought a second hand Mercedes for £1,000. But the first night that Pete took the boys out in the car it broke down in the Mersey Tunnel causing chaos in rush-hour traffic. Everything's fine now, apparently, but the rest of the group suggested that bicycles should be strapped to the roof - just in case!

Not Dying
Asked if he thought that beat was dying, John said emphatically: "No. We've talked to kids all over the country and they're as keen as ever. But we have found that THE BEATLES' popularity is waning - everyone's raving about THE ROLLING STONES now."

Commenting on the number of ballads in the charts at present, John said: "It's odd really, because we intended recording 'Blue Moon', instead of 'The One To Cry' but it was decided that the first wasn't commercial enough because it was a ballad."

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