Four Days in Liverpool For the Stones

By Bill Harry  

We took the opportunity of asking Brian Low what it felt like to play with the Stones. "It's great to play with them, of course, but it's difficult to explain," he said.

"What they're doing is comparatively simple, it isn't highly technical, but the feeling is so fantastic that you find yourself being in it. "They're not fantastic musicians but you're playing with fellows who feel inside and it makes YOU feel inside, too. Let's face it, they all know what they're doing. It's great.

Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman at the Empire"Their music just has a great, great feeling."
Brian has only been with the Blues System for three months, but before that he was with various modern jazz outfits. Earlier that evening he'd been arguing about the merits of groups on the pop scene, but it was obvious that the Stones had won him over.

Downstairs the excitement increased as Inez and Charlie Foxx took the floor to sing with the group. And when you get the Stones and Charlie and Inez together, unique music is being created.

"They started with 'Can I Get A Witness' and then sang their own hit 'Mocking Bird.' After they'd finished we started to chat with Charlie about the American scene.

U.S. Scene
Discussing Marvin Gaye, Charlie said: "He's a great guy who's got a good act. He's good both on stage and on record - but he's better on record! "Ike and Tina Turner are one of the best duets in the States. "I'm impressed by the Liverpool artistes," he continued, "and I'm knocked out by the Rolling Stones. The guy who sat in on drums with them earlier tonight was very good."

Mick Jagger was singing and it was obvious that he was also a great showman. He invited Inez Foxx to the floor again and they both sang 'The Sky Is Crying.'

After the group had finished playing - they must have been on stage for an hour - we took the opportunity of discussing their future plans with Keith Richard.

"After this tour we'll be going to the Paris Olympia," said Keith, "and I believe we'll be off to Scandinavia and Germany after that. Then we fly from there to New York for about three weeks.

South Africa
Keith Richards"By the time we come back we hope there's something definite about the film, a script of something to work on.

"Then in mid-December we're off to South Africa for about three weeks. Soon the Stones were off back to the Adelphi as they were appearing in Wigan the next evening. Following their show in Wigan they went ten-pin bowling. The Stones really enjoyed their stay in Liverpool, and we can remember their several other appearances here.

When they first appeared in Liverpool at the Odeon during their first tour, they decided to see what the legendary city was like - and made straight for the Cavern. We can still remember their surprise when they were besieged for autographs as soon as they entered Mathew Street.

Second Time
We can also remember how impressed they were when they first appeared at the Cavern and were amazed at the fantastic crowds that came to see them. "I'm knocked out by it all," Brian Jones told us at the time.

Following their appearance at the Cavern they were invited to a party at Bob Wooler's flat and it was here that they first really made the acquaintance of numerous Liverpool group members.

Their appearance at the Blue Angel last week was not their first there, for we remember several months ago we phoned them when they were in Southport and they drove to Liverpool and had a great session at the club. We probably won't see them here for several months, but we're looking forward to when they hit town again!

Editor's note: The 'we' referred to is Virginia and I. We were actually sitting behind George Harrison and Decca A&R man Dick Rowe at the Philharmonic Hall during a Beat contest when George told Rowe about seeing the Rolling Stones - and he rushed down to London and signed them up. We became good friends of the group and began to cover them extensively in Mersey Beat, also giving them one of their first, if not THE first front covers. We attended most of their appearances in the North-West, including the Cavern appearance and concert tours and their Manchester 'Top Of The Pops' appearances. What was most exciting was seeing them perform on both occasions in the intimacy of the Blue Angel club. The stage was very small, which is why Charlie and Inez Foxx took 'the floor'. this was the small dance area in front of the stage.

Nicky Crouch, member of the Mojos and former member of groups such as Faron's Flamingos, hosted the initial party at his home. The Spencer Mason referred to was the Mojos current manager. Derry Wilkie was one of Liverpool's most popular singers who, sadly, died in December 2001.

The Stones intended to star in a feature film based on a post-apocalypse book 'Only Lovers Left alive,' but it was never made.

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