With the Kubas

By Pete Pemberton; Cartoon by Stu Leithwood  

Mersey Beat: October 22 1964

The police are the guardians of the law and friends of the groups.

Don't talk soft. Who's gonna notice us parking at this time of night?Our first encounter with the boys-in-blue took place in Hamburg. We were driving up the Reeperbahn (which is the main road) looking at the picturesque signs outside the strip clubs, when we suddenly altered the shape of a Volkswagen in front of us. A crowd gathered and the other driver, with much arm waving, dragged us to the police station.

Being the well-educated chaps we are, we couldn't understand a word. Everyone seemed to be talking at the same time as we just stood there looking innocent.

After an hour or so we were set free. It seemed that the fellow we'd crashed into was in the wrong. We didn't stay long enough to find out how they'd come to that conclusion.

Our next meeting with the police took place in Poplar, a suburb of London. We were appearing at the Spy Club to a packed house. The audience were very good except for a handful of 'yobbos' who stood at the back of the club trying to cause trouble.

We enjoyed ourselves until we came to load up the van, parked outside the club. There it was under the street lamp - upside down, all tyres flat, spare wheel gone and petrol leaking all over the road. As we had no tools to do anything, we rang the police.

They arrived on the scene and took complete control. They righted the van, repaired the tyres, found the spare wheel and gave us a gallon of petrol - while we stood watching with our mouths wide open.

When they finished, they asked for our autographs and said: "We are not all bad down here." Which they proved to be true.

Since then we have met the police in all parts of the country and 50 per cent of our fan mail comes from them. It comes in the form of fines and summonses which we all hand to John, my fellow co-manager and driver, to handle. I think he would feel lost and neglected if he didn't get them. So would we!

Editor's note: The Kubas (aka the Koobas) was another group who wrote an occasional column in Mersey Beat. One of the members, Stu Leithwood was a talented artists who provided lots of welcome cartoons to Mersey Beat, a number of them to illustrate the columns.

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