By Bill Harry  

November 5 1964

The NashpoolHamburg
We have been touring Germany for nearly two months now and will be home in December, just to go carol singing. It's true we can make more money carol singing than working in Liverpool. What a scene, quite the opposite of Hamburg. I think the article published in 'The People' was very unfair, the Star Club is just the way the Searchers, the Beatles and others explained in past issues of Mersey Beat.

The day we arrived we were booked in the Hotel Pacific and as we found our rooms we saw this thing walking down the hall. It was Mike Hart in pajamas and cowboy boots - he'd just woken up at two in the afternoon.

After washing he showed us round the favourite haunts of Beat groups. We were in the Mambo and in walked our mates the Mastersounds. Like Mal explained in Mersey Beat, it really is more like Liverpool than Liverpool

Well, we left Hamburg two weeks later and went to Coln with Tony Sheridan and the Bobby Patrick Big Six. Freddie Starr was appearing there as well so naturally there wasn't a dull moment. Freddie went down very well, especially the first day there. The Manager presented the group with a bottle of Champagne - and they ended up with a Champagne fight on stage with drink all over themselves.

Later we went on stage. Tony Sheridan played drums for us, Freddie Starr played lead and the Big Six joined us - all on the small stage!

The next Star Club we went to was in Flensburg, near Denmark, where we met Emile Ford's ex-group the Original Checkmates. They are a very underrated outfit and are raved over by all the groups here. The only other group that has made us laugh as much is the Beatles.

There are now six members of the Nashpool as Reg Welsh, former member of Freddie Starr's Midnighters has joined us on lead and ex-Valkyrie Alan Burton is on bass.

All our best to everyone in the 'Pool and best wishes on your 100th issue.

Sid Edwards, the Nashpool, Germany.

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