Meet the Singer: Mark Peters

By Bill Harry  

November 15 1962

Mark PetersNineteen-years-old Mark Peters started singing at the age of 14. In response to an advertisement he auditioned at the Pavilion Theatre, where he appeared for a week with The Backyard Kids.

During the skiffle era he formed an outfit called the Flamingos and later organized a vocal group the Teen-Tones.

His next group Mark Peters & the Hi Spots entered a talent competition at the Pavilion, came third, and won £25, which was presented by Mrs. Bessie Braddock.

The Cyclones were formed 18 months ago and made their debut at Hambleton Hall. The group are rapidly developing their ‘new sound’ and recently gave a Liverpool audience a taste of things to come when they performed for the first time in public with their electronic organ at Fazakerley Hall. Their rendering of ‘Telstar’ and ‘Crossfire’ received an appreciative response.

All numbers to be played on the organ in the future are ones which have been specially written by the group – who are constantly experimenting. Recently they rehearsed an original number combining the sounds of mouth organ, Hawaiian guitar and electronic organ.

Mark Peters“We now have a genuine manager who is more concerned with the welfare of the group than with what he can get out of it himself,” remarked Mark, who commented, “The Merseyside rock ‘n’ roll scene has changed for the worse since we started – now it has become a vicious rat race – but unfortunately I can’t make any further comments on the situation.

“I think there should be two Mersey Beat polls,” said Mark, “one for the professional groups and another for the semi-pros. The reason being that professional groups have more time to practice and polish up their acts; therefore they have a greater advantage than the semi-pro group members who have full-time jobs to contend with.”

Last year, Mark and the group auditioned for a Columbia recording test. “Too much like Shane Fenton – change your style,’ Mark was told. Well, hard work and practice have developed a new cyclones sound and the group should be ready to make a demo disc of their new numbers in the near future.

Our best wishes go to them.

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