The Mersey Boys

By Bill Harry  

24 September 1964

BILLY HATTON, BRIAN O’ HARA and MIKE MILLWARD must feel very proud of drummer DAVE LOVELADY.

When the drummer for the pit orchestra at the London Palladium didn’t turn up recently, a replacement was sent for – but even he couldn’t arrive in time for the first house.

So, in a true spirit of adventure, Dave volunteered to descend into the pit.

Together with the orchestra he backed the artistes on the show and when his own spot was due, scrambled onto the stage to join the rest of the boys. After THE FOURMOST had concluded their act, back he scrambled into the pit.

FRANKIE VAUGHAN gave him a curtain call at the end of the show.

Prior to the first show at Chester ABC recently, THE MOJOS were chatting in their dressing room with CHARLIE FOXX.

Suddenly there was a report and splinters of glass flew about the room – someone had fired through their window.

“I was shaking and the boys were shaking,” said Charlie Foxx, and NICKY CROUCH commented: “The police were called in but were unable to find the sniper. They told us that they thought an air pistol had been used.”

The Mojos first EP was released two weeks ago and sales are very healthy. The numbers on the disc are: ‘I’ve Got My Mojo Working,’ ‘Everything’s Alright,’ ‘The One Who Really Loves Me’ and ‘Nobody But Me.’

Liverpool’s most attractive quartet, the female vocal-instrumental group THE LIVERBIRDS, had quite a shock when they opened a new Star Club in Cologne.

They received an anonymous phone call from a man who said he was going to shoot one of them.

Fortunately, the police tracked the caller down and the girls can breathe more easily.

Freddie Starr’s latest disc, released on September 25, is entitled ‘Never Cry.’

Freddie and the group are currently in Germany, but will be returning to promote the disc on October 2.

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