Rita Hughes


Mersey Beat: November 12 1964

Rita Hughes 'Jeannie' An 18-year old Chester vocalist has been chosen to pioneer a new sound in pop music. She is Rita Hughes, daughter of a Chester publican, who after two years in the pop business thinks she can really go places with the new sound - Tamla Motown or the American sound as it is sometimes called.

Rita is best known as Jeannie and she came to the fore a year ago when she linked with a beat group to form Jeannie & the Big Guys.

When the group disbanded in January, Jeannie went solo and after a spell in summer shows, went to Germany. When she returned a few days ago she had talks with P.J.Proby's manager and others who liked her voice so much they suggested she should promote the American sound in this country.

The Chester beat group the Fugitives, who were planning a trip to Germany, were asked to provide Jeannie's musical backing. They plumped for Jeannie and within five days of their first rehearsal, they had 12 numbers ready for public performance.

Jeannie is delighted with the link-up. She said, "I've never been so happy with a group as I am now with the Fugitives. it could be a great association but we've got a lot of work ahead of us. We'll have to spend hours listening to demonstration discs from America, but we want to perform original numbers if possible."

John Wright, the Fugitives manager, said, "It means that the boys are starting from scratch again but they are delighted about this change. While they will be providing backing for Jeannie they will still retain their own individuality. The Supremes have proved that the British public like the American sound.

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