The Roving Eye
By Bob Wooler  

September 14 1961

Bob Wooler’s column headingHere we go again! Space was so short last edition that the following title line did not precede my comments on the Beatles: “Sounding Off About…A Phenomenon Called the Beatles!” Also cut was a preamble which I felt should have appeared because it was about the editor of Mersey Beat. I’ve twisted his arm and he’s agreed to print it this time…So, cart-before-the-horse style, I now say:

Hello ‘N’ Hooray
Hello, friends! I’m glad to be writing for you and, I hope, about you. And my thanks to Editor Bill Harry for according me the privilege and opportunity of doing so. In case you don’t know, the whole idea of this enterprising publication is Bill’s. He’s been kicking the notion around for about 18 months now.

I’m very pleased he found people who had confidence in backing his venture, for a paper of this kind, covering the Merseyside musical scene, has been needed for a long time. Support by way of sales, advertising and the supply of factual copy for the publication will ensure its continued success.

I think it’s a great idea that will develop into bigger things. Incidentally, if you want to know more about Bill, you dig out a copy of the ’61 Pantosphinx magazine and read the assistant editor’s comment. They’re very self-revealing and provide an illuminating insight into what Bill thinks about Liverpool.

Sounding Off About…Voices In The Wilderness.

Merseyside has a long and proud record for producing top-liners in the entertainment world. To list them would be like compiling a Who’s Who of Show Business. Suffice it to say they range from Askey to Ziegler.

This is how it has been in the past and no doubt will be in the future. As for the present, well the potential artistes certainly exist. These talented people are on the Merseyside scene right now purveying all styles of entertainment – not just the Beat side of the business, although these comments are primarily concerned with that sphere.

I speak of those faces in the crowd, those voices in the bewilderness who at heart are intoning a show business cliché: “Give us a break – and we’ll make the grade.”

I refer to people like Johnny Sandon, who possesses a wonderful bass-baritone voice ideal for country and western numbers, or, with training, musical plays. Or Dale Roberts, who combines charm, with his undoubted singing ability. Or Mark Peters, a potential hit parader on looks alone. Or Sonny Webb, country and western stylist. Or Tommy Jordan – as a jazz singer? Or Jeff Caddick.

Or groupwise, the personality of Gerry with the Pacemakers. Or the calculated showmanship of Rory Storm, plus the Hurricanes. Or those musical perfectionists: the Remo Four. Or that unique fusion of talent: the Beatles.

There are many others, of course. All deserving of the alert eyes and ears of experienced, bonafide talent scouts or representatives of the leading London agencies and film and recording studios.

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