The Roving I

By Bob Wooler  

14 December 1962

Bob WoolerAt last things are looking up for some of Liverpool's Rock groups. The New Year promises great things for (1) The Beatles, whose backing job for Tony Sheridan's 'The Saints' and 'My Bonnie' on the Polydor label, now in the German Top Twenty charts, is to be released in this country in January, through the auspices of Brian Epstein of Nems. Publicity stills for the record are likely to include some terrific shots taken by a brilliant young German student - photographer Jurgen Vollmer, whom the Beatles met when they were last in Hamburg; (2) Karl Terry and the Rockin' Cruisers eagerly await an early call to London for a BBC radio transmission; and (3) Mark Peters and the Cyclones featured 'I'm A Moody Guy' and 'When The Girl In Your Arms' at a successful preliminary audition at the BBC TV studios in London on 28th November and are now keeping their fingers crossed in anticipation of a forthcoming line-up before the cameras. My good wishes go to them all!

The Hornets' Nest
I predict that the result of the Mersey Beat Popularity Poll will cause as great a furor as the listing which appeared in this column in the issue of October 15th-19th.

If You Want To Get Ahead...Get A Hat!
"This finger called Frankie Martino, I guess we owe it to him. He's a great talker, you know what I mean? He'll walk into Delfon'ts office without knocking and things like that! But, man, this guy says things at times which don't add up. Like what he said about Freddy Fowell. You know, this finger said Freddy was going into films and had a part in 'Blitz'. All crap, man, Freddy's got no agents or managers - he's only tied to Fontana with Derry & the Seniors.

Howard Casey was talking and I was listening. It was a kind of Q and A session about a group of characters which I think one can find something interesting to write about.

"I learnt music in the army," Howie continued, "and, man, there's no harder way. It's drummed into you. I knew what I wanted then, and when I got out I formed a group. You remember it? The Hi-tones. But that wasn't anything like the real thing. Derry Wilkie joined the group and dreamed up the name Derry & the Seniors. Not that he really wanted his name first, but Danny & the Juniors were going at the time - this was about November '59 - and we all agreed it seemed a good name for the group.

"Of course you know all about that king-size cock-up when it was arranged for us to do a season at Blackpool, and so like greenhorns we all turned pro, then nothing came of it! We're wiser in the head now, and as far as I'm concerned from here on in everything's got to be in black and white. Signed and sealed and legal, like, you know what I mean?

"I tell you, man, we've been through the mill alright. We were the guinea pigs for Hamburg, you know, and the dice sure weren't loaded in our favour at the Top Ten Club here in Liverpool. That was why Jeff Waddington quit. You know, he lost all his drums in that fire? After that 'mishap' and all that jazz he couldn't afford to get a new kit. So he left by mutual consent. Solo-wise he was a good drummer you know."

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