The Talent is Here!

By Bill Harry  

February 14 1963

The Beatles at the Mersey Beat AwardsMany Merseysiders predicted that the Beatles would become national stars – and for almost two years youngsters at local dances have been enthusiastically acclaiming them, just as record buyers all over the country are acclaiming them now.

But are the Beatles the only Merseyside group who will create a stir elsewhere in the country?

Mersey Beat poses some questions to different personalities on the local scene – promoter Brian Kelly, who has been responsible for numerous successful dances at several different venues; manager Ted Knibbs who built Billy Kramer to the brink of stardom; compere Bob Wooler who is the leading light in his own particular field; manager Brian Epstein who has achieved remarkable results for the Beatles, Gerry & the Pacemakers, the Big Three and Billy Kramer & the Dakotas… and the Beatles themselves.

What do you think of the Beatles success?
Ted Knibbs: “Definitely merited, because in my opinion they have been outstanding on the rock scene in Liverpool and have provided a certain zip and drive which no other group has attained. Their vocal abilities have definitely improved with the wider scope which is being given to them via the mediums of records and TV.”

Brian Kelly: “I think it is well deserved and a lot of it is all due to their basic talent being developed at Litherland Town Hall over a long period. Credit, of course, must be given to Brian Epstein who obtained a recording contract for them.”

Brian Epstein: “Well-deserved.”

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