The Mojos Story

By Keith Karlson  

August 27 1964

Keith KarlsonAt the beginning there was just JOHN, our drummer, and myself. We had been in various groups before but none seemed to hit it off even on the local scene.

We became very friendly with a guitarist by the name of ROY WOODS, but although Roy was an exceptionally brilliant guitarist he did not seem to fit in with the group. He was, in fact, happier when he played guitar by himself.

A friend of Roy's, ADRIAN WILKINSON, had by that time joined the group, and when Roy left Adrian became his successor on lead guitar.

Then we decided to look for two good saxophonists to build up the sound, but instead we ended up by bringing into the group a piano, played by a certain STUART JAMES. We played numerous halls but decided we needed more practice and stopped going to venues for a while.

First break
Then we came back onto the scene again, given our first real break by BOB WOOLER of the Cavern Club. I am afraid we arrived too late for our first date for Bob. We soon straightened things out with Bob, however, and he gave us our first date at the Cavern.

It was about that time that we began, at last, to draw a bit of attention in the Liverpool clubs, where we were the first to play true blues numbers, although we do not call ourselves a rhythm and blues group now. We were lucky enough in those days to acquire a following of fans and we are still grateful to those fans to this day.

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