Mersey Venues

No. 1 Heaven & Hell
Bewsey Street, Warrington

Mersey Beat: April 9 1964

Rory Storm One of the newest beat venues on Greater Merseyside, Heaven & Hell opened on Saturday March 21. As the name indicates the club promotes a macabre image. 'Clotted Blood Butties' (strawberry jam sandwiches) are obtainable and a notice declares, "This way to Hell - no extra charge for Heaven."

Says promoter Brian Kelly, "Teenagers think the placed is jumping - they come from Norwich, Nantwich, Cheshire, all districts of Liverpool...and there are even coach trips arriving at the dance.

"Nowhere else in Warrington is there a place exclusively designed and catering for teenagers - the club has atmosphere, which is what they go for. "During the first eight days the club was open we enrolled over 700 members. "Heaven is about half the size of Hell and is decorated in pink and has a black ceiling which will be decorated with fairy lights.

"We are currently open three nights a week, and intend to open Heaven every night in the near future."

Heaven & Hell was formerly the Crystal Ballroom and has presented most leading Merseyside groups including the Mersey Monsters, the Pete Best All Stars, Rory Storm & the Hurricanes and Mark Peters & the Silhouettes. Average admission charge is 4s and a bargain, considering the standard of groups presented.

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