Meet the Singer: Wayne Calvert

By Bill Harry  

September 20 1962

Wayne CalvertHandsome Wayne Calvert recalls his most embarrassing moment with a chuckle, for it took place on the first night Wayne appeared with his group the Cimarrons.

Formerly he appeared with a Liverpool group called the Dakotas. Wayne was lead guitarist, Johnny Havoc was the lead vocalist. 

Wayne was appearing with Johnny at the Top Ten Club, Lockerby Road, and was noticed by Lance Railton, who recommended him to the Cimarrons, who were seeking a new vocalist. The Cimarrons liked what they heard, and the happy association began.

But to return to the embarrassing moment – Wayne learned that the group was to play for a few hours and he only knew three numbers. He began to feel nervous and uncomfortable, but fortunately managed to bluff his way through the evening by making up words to the tunes which the group played.

Now Wayne has built up a repertoire of Chuck Berry numbers and also performs his own version of ‘sentimental standards.’

Wayne Calvert & the Cimarrons spent ten weeks in France touring U.S. bases and they will probably be returning to the Continent in October. In the meantime, Wayne has an important occasion to celebrate – that of his 21st birthday on September 27th.

Best wishes to Wayne from all our readers.

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