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Cynthia Lennon – ‘John, dangerous’Cynthia Powell, who was to become the first Mrs. Lennon, originally wrote about John in her diary: “Dangerous but funny and someone who should be kept at a distance.”

John’s obsession with the number nine provided an association with some of the people closest to him. Yoko Ono was born on 18 February (1+8=9) 1933, guided by the Number Nine. Her birth number was also nine, based on the day and the year of her birth – 1+8+2+1+9+3+3 which totals 27. 2+7+9. Japanese parents regard a child’s birth number of some significance. Paul McCartney was born on 18 June 1942. 1+8=9. Ringo Starr was born at 9 Madryn Street in Liverpool.

Shirley Anne Field was a glamorous red-haired British film star of the sixties, appearing opposite Albert Finney in ‘Saturday Night & Sunday Morning’, Steve McQueen and Robert Wagner in ‘The War Lover’, Michael Caine in ’Alfie’ and Laurence Olivier in ‘The Entertainer.’

She claims to have seen the Beatles performing in Hamburg before Ringo Starr joined them, commenting, “They had seemed then like a wild, uninhibited bunch of young men, North Country, working-class, similar to the boys I’d gone to school with. One night at the Ad-Lib John Lennon said to me, ‘You probably wouldn’t go for somebody like me, would you?” 

“No, not right now,” she said, recalling, “Damn, I thought. He would ask me when we were both with other people. By now, of course, they were already tremendously successful. At a party one night at Shirley Bassey’s house, I was sitting on the sofa with John and Paul McCartney. Johnny Mathis, whom I’d always admired, was there and I wanted to go and speak to him, but I was holding back, John and Paul were laughing hysterically.

“Of all the people in this room you want to approach, why pick him? You can get to know anyone here you want except him.” I replied stiffly that I loved his voice and wanted to tell him so. This only made them laugh more hysterically. I couldn’t see the joke!” 

George Harrison’s mother often corresponded with Beatles fans and once wrote a letter describing the night she and her husband went to have dinner with Paul’s father Jim McCartney.

“We were up to see Jim for dinner one night and Paul and Linda were there, and they’d brought Heather, Linda’s little girl.

“Linda barely spoke to us. I don’t think she wanted us there. We arrived quite a long time before dinner and Heather was begging for something to eat. Linda just ignored her. Finally, she gave her something and Heather spilled it or dropped it or something, and Linda grabbed her up, screaming and cursing at her. She upset the child terribly.

“When the meal was finally on the table, Linda told Heather she couldn’t have anything to eat because she’d been naughty. Paul had to take over and give her some food. 


“And I don’t know what to make of Yoko. One of the fans told me she caught John and Yoko coming out of the recording studio and asked them for their autographs. Yoko told her if she wanted something really meaningful, she should take off all her clothes and run down the street and jump into a fountain! What do you think of that?”

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