The Early Beatles (cont.)

Mersey Beat article announcing Beatles to replace drummer Pete Best with Ringo StarrPaul: “Well, I think, you know, all of us want to do sort of a good film, one that we all think’s good and make more good records.”

George: “Don’t you think this one’s any good, then?”

Paul: “Well, it’s OK, you know what I mean, but, er, more good records.”

John: “Not as good as James Bond though, is it?”

Paul: “Oh, not as good as James Bond.”

Press: “You fancy yourselves as actors, then, do you?”

George: “No-o-o. Definitely not, but we enjoyed making the last film and especially with the director. The director was great and it made it much easier for us. None of us rate ourselves as actors, but it’s a great laugh and we enjoy doing it. So we’d like to make a couple more.”

Press: “Very good. Now it’s about seven months since you were in Liverpool last, appearing, and some of the fans have been saying that they feel you have deserted them. What do you feel about that?”

John: “The people who are moaning about us being here are people who never came to see us when we were here. We can count on our fingers the original fans we had here and that ones that really followed us and most of them gave up being teenagers anyway. They’ve all sort of settled in different things. The ones that are moaning probably came to see us once, or after we’d made records.”

Paul: “The only thing is that we’ve gotta do a lot from London because a lot of the TV shows are down in London, you know, and so we’re forced to do a lot down in London. I mean. It’s like someone said the other day, why doesn’t Harry Seacombe go to Cardiff, you know, he never does, but nobody moans about Harry never going to…you know what I mean.”

John: “Doesn’t he go now, Harry?”

Paul: “He doesn’t go back to Cardiff very often.”

John: “I thought he was always there.”

Paul: “Oh no….”

As ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ plays on the soundtrack the scene switches to outside Liverpool’s Town Hall. A commentator says: “These are the fantastic scenes outside Liverpool Town Hall just after the Beatles arrive….The casualties…they’ve been put at about a hundred by the St. John Ambulance men. They’re falling like ninepins. The crash barriers are giving way. Liverpool’s never seen anything like this. 

“Any moment now the Beatles will be coming on the balcony with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress and here they are…just listen to those screams. This really is a night to remember for these boys.”

‘A Hard Day’s Night’ plays as the camera pans to the crowds waving up at the Beatles. “The crowd won’t let them go,” says the commentator as the group return to the balcony and wave, John giving a Nazi salute. The commentator adds: “Once again the police are having a pretty tough time, it’s certainly one of their hardest day’s nights.”

The next interview with the group occurs at the Northern Charity premier of ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’

Interviewer: “You’re going over to the States early in the New Year and you’re going to top the bill on the Ed Sullivan Coast to Coast show. John, so far all British pop stars have not made a tremendous impact on the States, how do you think you’re going to fare?”

John: “Well, I can’t really say, can I? I mean, it’s up to me – no! I mean. I just hope we go alright you know.”

Interviewer: “Are you going to vary your act for the American audience?”

John: “No. I mean. We haven’t really got an act so we just do what we do: stand there and sing and twitch.”

Interviewer: “There have been a number of stories in the press lately about you being under some nervous strain. Is there any truth in this?”

George: “No. No truth whatsoever. Er, I think because Paul had flu the other week we had to cancel a show. They all seemed to think we were cracking up, but we’re not.”

Interviewer: “With all this extraordinary publicity you’ve been having recently, what effect’s this been having on your private lives?”

Ringo: “We’ve got no private life. No, it’s, um, we don’t mind, that’s why we’re still playing. If we minded the kids wrecking our private lives, we wouldn’t do it. But we love them, so they can do what they like, you know, as long as they don’t rip us to bits.”

Interviewer: “This intense publicity must be a considerable strain. How long do you think it’ll last?”

Paul: “How long will it last? Er, no idea. I think people ask us every day and I never used to think about it. I never used to think about the future. We used to live for the day, you see. But everyone said how long will it last and, er, you start thinking about it, but it remains to be seen, you know. That sort of thing.”

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