The Early Beatles (cont.)

Brian EpsteinThe scene shifts to an American radio station, WINS, in DJ Murray the K’s studio. Murray is on the phone, saying excitedly: “We’re what’s happening, babe. We are what’s happening. The Beatles….Murray the K, we’re both happening. The Beatles are happening. Murray the K, that’s what’s happening her in ten ten. This is the Beatles station and we’ve got all sorts of things happening.”

Outside the Plaza Hotel fans in Beatle wigs sing ‘She Loves You.’ At the airport the Beatles alight from their plane and pose for photographers.

Murray the K’s voice is heard: “They’re here. Count it off fellers.” He is shown in his radio studio; he points to a member of his staff who puts ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ on the turntable.

The Beatles are now driving from the airport, and Paul picks up the number on his transistor.

Paul: “I love this…”

Voice on radio: “….tomorrow night the Beatles read their own poetry at seven on a documentary called ‘Meet the Beatles’…”

Paul: “Oh, really.”

Voice on radio: “…tomorrow night between seven and eight here at WINS.”

‘She Loves You’ plays on the soundtrack as the car approaches streets crowded with fans.

John: “How are we going to get in?” (to the hotel).

Paul: “We’ve ‘ad it.”

The car has slowed down and fans converge on it, clutching at the windows, screaming. The car begins to move off with an escort of mounted policemen; and at last the group arrive at their destination.”

John: “This is it. Get in quick!”

They are next shown relaxing in a hotel room watching TV.

Voice on TV: “….repulsed the British at Bunker Hill, but there is no indication that our teenagers are going to do it again. The British invasion this time goes by the code name Beatlemania. B Day has been coming for months and this is the day. The invasion took place at New York’s Kennedy International Airport…”

The phone rings. BBC disc jockey Brian Matthews is calling from London.

George: “How are you Brian? We’ve been up since six o’ clock your morning, so I know I’m pretty fagged out, yeah. But the thing is, if I go to bed now I’ll probably be up at four o’ clock in the morning…”

John: “Only seen the airport and the hotel…and a lot of rubbish on the way in.”

The Beatles return to LiverpoolPaul: “Hello Brian Matthews. Yeah, and we were just sort of driving along and listening to the DJ show on the radio and as we were going along it was repeating it (he speaks in an American accent) and in twenty minutes time we’re gonna switch over to the Plaza hotel, New York (returning to his normal voice) You know, it’s great, marvelous, and just as we were getting out of the car, he said: ‘And I hear they’ve arrive now!’…This is Paul, just signing off!”

Paul, is a strong Lancashire accent: “It’s a funny place this America, though, isn’t it?”

Outside fans are singing “We want the Beatles.” They fill the screen as ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ is played.

Paul is shown walking from the hotel. He assumes a Lancashire accent again: “I luv this place America, eh gum. The record’s on radio? Luvly!”

The group appear in the Peppermint Lounge where the band is playing ‘Money.’ Ringo dances the twist on the crowded dance floor with a girl with a bouffant hairstyle.

The scene cuts to Brian Epstein’s hotel room where Brian is on the phone: “I’m not sure what time we’ll be back from Washington, but we’re going to Washington tomorrow and then coming back on Wednesday. I wonder could you, would you like to speak to our Attorney in New York at his office and he may be able to arrange something for you and put whatever offers you have to me. H.O.F.F.E.R. Walter Hoffer. The telephone number is Judson Fine, thank you very much indeed. ‘Bye.”

A man calls. “Your London call. It’s in there on 233.”

Brian picks up the receiver and a voice says: “The Beatles new record is in the top ten.”

Brian: “Yes. Tremendous.”

Voice: “I’m besieged by phone calls and I’m told this one will exceed all previous records.”

Brian: “Gosh. Fantastic. That’s marvelous.”

Voice: “It’s climbing fast, it’s at number seven already.”

Brian: “I think it’ll go to number one actually. That’s marvelous. Great. OK. Thanks very much indeed. Actually, I may call you tomorrow to see if it’s improved slightly.”

Voice: “It’s on every front page today.”

Brian: “Fine. Fine. Alright. Thanks very much indeed.”

A train is shown leaving Grand Central Station for Washington as ‘Ticket To Ride’ plays on the soundtrack. Paul is seated with people all around him and he is being asked what he thinks of American television. He says he likes it. “I like TV anyway. When I get a night off.”

Ringo shakes hands with a bemused passenger.

Ringo: “How are you doing, sir? Amazing to have you on the trip. Enjoy yourself.”

Paul: “There’s only two channels in England and there’s what? Eight here?”

A voice says; “Did you tell them that bit about the newscaster?”

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