The Early Beatles (cont.)

The BeatlesPaul: “No. It’s just funny half the time here and everyone seems used to it, but it doesn’t look funny anymore in America and there was this fella the other night and he said, er, ‘and so this is the end of the news’…he didn’t even say it, it was the end of the news, he said: ‘In China the situation is very bad, have you ever wondered what you’re eating…” Paul looks up and everyone laughs.

Ringo is signing autographs. A little boy approaches and says: “I wanna do something.”

Ringo: “What do you wanna do?” The boy kisses Ringo on the cheek.

There are lots of photographers at the station. Ringo is walking along the platform.

Ringo: “It’s great here in New York.”

A voice says: “Washington.”

Ringo: “Oh, is that the place? I dunno, whatsoever. I’m just moving so fast.”

Inside the Washington Coliseum the Beatles make their way through the crowds to the stage where there are ushers wearing Beatle wigs. The boys begin performing ‘She Loves You.’

When the song finishes we cut to London Airport where there is a huge banner ‘Welcome Home Beatles,’ the group emerge from the plane and begin to wave to their fans. Then they hold a press conference at the airport.

Press: The fans obviously enjoyed it over there. I assume the press enjoyed it, did you enjoy it?”

George: “Yeah, it was marvelous. Every bit of it was a knockout.”

Press: “Even the work?”

George: “Yeah, we enjoyed it, you know, it was different working in different places with the audience all around us, you know. It was a novelty.”

Press: “What impressed you most about the place? Did you have time to take anything in properly?”

George: “Oh yeah. I don’t know, I think I enjoyed the sun in Miami most of all. Healthy.”

Press: “You’re the healthy one of the four?”

George: “No. No. But the sun was sort of healthy, very.”

Press: “Did you have a chance to get away from anybody anytime on the trip?”

George: “Yeah.”

Ringo: “He got away from me twice.”

Liverpool airport press receptionPress: “What did you like most about the trip, Ringo?”

Ringo: “I just loved all of it, ‘specially Miami. The sun, you know. I didn’t know what it meant ‘til I went over there.”

Press: “Don’t you get it up in Liverpool?”

Ringo: “No, they’ve finished up there. Cut it out.”

Press: “Did you ever have a chance, John, to just get away on your own without anybody recognizing you?”

John: “We borrowed a couple of millionaires’ houses, you know, well…”

Press: “You could afford to buy a couple of millionaires’ houses, couldn’t you?”

John: “We’d sooner borrow them, it’s cheaper and we did a bit of water-skiing. Well, sort of.”

Paul; “Yeah, we had a great time.”

Press: “Did your wife enjoy it over there?”

John: “She loved it, oh, oh.”

Ringo: “Don’t tell anyone he’s married, it’s a secret.”

Press: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. What about the taste of fans over there? Did you find the same stuff?”

Paul: “The accent was the only thing, the only difference.”

Press: “Did they reckon you sang in an English accent or an American one?”

Paul: “No, some fellow said how come you’re from Britain and you sing in an American accent or something. We’ve been trying to tell them that we are American, but they wouldn’t believe it!”

Press: “When you came back from France you told me that they like sort of quicker numbers and what did you do, did you just do all the same numbers as you do here?”

George: “The records are hits over there.”

Paul: “Oh yeah, we had to do ‘Please Please Me’ over there and we haven’t been doing that for a long time here, but it’s in the charts.”

Following more airport scenes, during which ‘Help!’ plays, the film cuts back to the Granada television studios and as the Beatles perform ‘We Can Work It Out’ the end titles appear.

Johnny Hamp and the BeatlesEditor’s notes: At the time the Beatles released their first British single, ‘Love Me Do,’ Johnny Hamp was a producer at Granada Television, a station which was transmitted over a large area of Lancashire.

He first booked the Beatles on his ‘People and Places’ programme on Wednesday 17 December 1962 and used the group regularly. They appeared on the programme for the second time on Monday 28 October 1962 and appeared on Wednesday 14 August 1963 when the programme had changed its name to ‘Scene At 6.30.’

A few years later he was to comment, “I first saw the Beatles in a club in Hamburg. They were very scruffy characters but they had a beat in their music which I liked.”

I went along with the Beatles to one of their Granada appearances and I also appeared on the ‘Scene At 6.30’ myself when Pete Best was also featured. 

Coincidentally, it was also on 17 December (1965 this time) that Johnny produced his most ambitious Beatles enterprise, a major TV special called ‘The Music of Lennon and McCartney.’

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