John Lennon in the Spirit World

By Bill Harry  

Illustration by SachaIf the medium is the message, then the No. 1 person on the Spiritualists chart must be John Lennon. Since his pointless murder in 1980, various Spiritualists have made claims that they have been in contact with his spirit, either directly or channeled through a spirit guide.

During his lifetime, John had an open mind when it concerned the paranormal. He claimed to have spotted a flying saucer while looking out of the window in the Dakota building - and he referred to it on his 'Walls And Bridges' album. He also claimed to have seen a spectral figure walking down the corridors of the Dakota, which he referred to as Crying Lady Ghost.

John obviously gave a great deal of thought to the mystery of life after death and, if we are to believe certain newspaper reports, once told Cynthia Lennon a method by which he would contact her after he'd passed away. A similar pact existed with Houdini and his wife and the escapologist left a clue as to how he would contact her after his death. The medium Arthur Ford claimed to have discovered the secret word clue in conversations with a spirit guide.

In 1986 the Sunday Mirror newspaper reported that Cynthia had found a dead jackdaw wrapped in old newspapers dated 1956 behind the fireplace of her home in Cumbria. She told journalist Annette Witheridge: "John told Julian that if there was life after death he would prove it by sending a feather as a sign. When Julian saw the jackdaw he was really's as if John is trying to get in touch with us."

The feather incident had been strengthened in Cynthia's mind by another incident concerning an Indian head dress which John had given to Julian. Somehow, someone had got hold of it and had offered it for sale. Cynthia, as trustee of Julian's property, said, "I didn't realize it was missing until I heard that someone wanted to sell it." She fought a court case and won it on Julian's birthday. "I gave it (the head dress) to him before his first major concert at the Royal Albert Hall, because he was so nervous," she said. "It seemed to work - the show was a great success."

When the tragic murder was reported, there were various claims by people alleging they had had premonitions. One was from Barbara Garwell, a housewife from Hull who had been having premonitions since the age of 16. She claimed she had a dream in which John was walking down some stairs with a stethoscope around his neck. She added, "I was a patient lying in bed and John came into the room, still with the stethoscope around his neck. Suddenly I awoke from the dream and John's figure appeared to me at the bottom of my bed. I knew in that instant something terrible had happened to him." The next morning she read the announcements of John's death and said, "When the full facts became known I realized he'd died at more or less the same moment as he appeared to me in the bedroom."

In 1983, Joey Harrow, a musician who lives near to the Dakota Building, claimed he saw John's ghost in the Dakota entrance doorway, the spot where he'd been shot three years previously. "He was surrounded by an eerie light" he claimed. At the time of the sighting he was accompanied by a writer called Amanda Moores, who confirmed that she had also seen the ghost. "I wanted to go up and talk to him, but something in the way he looked at me said 'No'" she said.

John's ghost had been reported by various other witnesses who claimed it had been haunting the Dakota. Psychic Shawn Robbins said she saw John's ghost in the building and Yoko Ono herself was reported to have seen John sitting at his white piano. He turned to her and said, "Don't be afraid. I am still with you."

According to several Spiritualists, John's spirit lingered on Earth for a short time before a group of spirit Guides helped him to adjust to the 'other' world. A person who won't 'let go' after they are dead becomes a ghost who haunts the area of the tragedy. The Guides convinced him to join them in the spirit world and various Mediums began receiving messages from him.

Linda Deer Domnitz from California claims to have begun channeling conversations from the spirit of John Lennon four days after his death and taped over a thousand pages of messages, which she condensed and included in a book called 'John Lennon Conversations.' For 26 months the Medium claims she spoke to John, who disclosed to her that he is remaining close to the Earth in order to save the planet from destruction, working to further the cause of world peace and harmony. This is similar to messages about a White Brotherhood of the spirit world which John allegedly discussed with another Medium.

Deer has written to me to report she is still receiving messages and advice, allegedly from John, which discuss the topics of a psychic and religious nature, with details of astral travel and life in the spirit world. There are also messages to Yoko Ono, Sean and Julian, Paul, George and Ringo. To Ringo Starr he says, "I want you to know that I am at peace, Ringo, and am happy to be where I am. I have no regrets and no animosities toward anyone, so let that go and bear no grudges to anyone you think may have wronged me because I feel no such hatred or animosity. There is no one I love more than you. You have been a constant companion and a faithful friend, and I appreciate very sincerely all your help, your kindness to Yoko, and all of your admiration."

Part of the message to George Harrison said, "I hope you will emulate some of the things which I have taught you, especially in the peace movement, but that you will not be a clone for me any more than I was a clone for anyone else. I want your ideas to be original, and clear, and concise, and to the point, so that everyone hearing your music can understand exactly where you are coming from and where you've been. This is not John Lennon but George Harrison, although there are some similarities. you are you, and I am me, but we can work together as we have in the past."

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