John Lennon in the Spirit World

By Bill Harry  

To Paul, John conveys the messages that he wishes him to continue to work through music to express some of the ideas for peace which he had attempted in the 1970s. "You can create a whole new type of music which has been somewhat alien to you in the past and which you considered my bag. I would like you to consider it now your bag, as I am transferring it to you and hope that you will understand what I am trying to tell you and how much you can be the focus for this type of New Age music which will help bring us all back together again as one family in the world for peace for all mankind." A 90-minute tape of the messages called 'The John Lennon Conversations' is also available.

Another Medium who has issued tapes of alleged conversations with John's spirit has had the tapes banned by Yoko Ono. He is Bill Tenuto of San Diego, whose guide is a female spirit named Ellenore. Ellenore is English and was killed during an air raid on London in 1943. In his messages through Ellenore, John claims that one of his best friends 'on the other side' is an American Indian. He also relates how he met his mother Julia again. "She's so beautiful," he said. He also alleges that he met Jesus: "He's a spirit. He's a great person. He's a Master."

It also seems that parties are held on 'the other side'. John held a party in which a number of late personalities appeared, including Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. John's spirit said, "...and Carol Lombard was there, and I took to her. I want to tell you, I really took to her. We are capable of having sex over here...we do the same thing that you do except without the body. We love sex as much as anybody who's got a body. The sensations are a bit different, with an interplay of energies that take place when we have sex. We don't concern ourselves with Planned Parenthood since spirit's can't propagate a baby spirit.

Describing his murder, John said, "I had flashes in my skin and then I was out." He admits to having contacted Yoko since his death and holds no rancour towards his killer Mark Chapman, because his spirit was only evening up an old score. "We had a past life together and you might say I did something not too nice to him. I shot him in the back."

John remembers several previous incarnations. Directly before his birth in Liverpool he was living in "...the southwest portion of China. I don't know what I was, a simple kind of person, perhaps a farmer or a merchant, but not a very wealthy one. I died quite early on."

He also claims to have lived out a past life with Yoko. "I was a very strict father to her. She was a rebellious and resentful type of daughter." He is also in league with the White Brotherhood, a group of highly advanced spirits who don't have to reincarnate any more.

John's spirit says, '"They've asked me to work with them, and I've agreed." The work is to communicate the messages of the Masters to the rest of the world, particularly to Political leaders. Other spirits who are helping John in his task include John Wayne, Harry Truman and Golda Meir.

Despite being discarnate, John still enjoys sex. He told Tenuto that during a break between Spiritualist sessions, "I took up with a female energy-type spirit person and we went off and made it. It was a quickie. it was quite nice. It energized me."

According to Deer Domnitz, John has also met up with Elvis Presley. "Yes, I have seen the man, and he is someone I have admired very much. We have talked at great lengths about our music and about the afterlife. He is pleased to tell you that he is happy. He is with his mother, father, and brother, and they're happy as two peas in a pod."

He also revealed, "I have spent a great deal of time writing about my death and what it would be like. When these papers are discovered, it will be noted that I had no hesitancy about embracing death, although I loved life more dearly."

Flying Saucer
Remember the flying saucer over the Dakota? John's spirit reveals, "There are thousands of friendly aliens from many different galaxies, many of whom are on the Earth at the present Psychic Rosemary Brown time in various forms and disguises to help us out of our most dire circumstances. There are many of them walking around as human beings which we think are human beings but are really UFO's in disguise."

Rosemary Brown, a Medium from Wimbledon, London, claims that John first arrived in spirit form in her living room in 1984. Since then he has dictated over two dozen songs to her. She says, "He is taller than I always imagined him in this life. I seem to see him as he looked at the height of the Beatles early success - he looks to be in his late 20s or so, he is clean shaven, fresh-faced, doesn't wear glasses."

Mrs. Brown also observes, "What has most surprised John is that there is a continuing process of learning and evolving on the other side He told me that the afterlife is very much a continuation of this life. You pick up where you left off. You don't suddenly change or know everything." He also told her that he still loves Cynthia, his first wife; that he wants his son Julian to record the songs he has dictates to Rosemary and that he is now against the use of drugs.

Editor's Note: I first published this piece in the January 1988 issue of my magazine Idols:20th Century Legends. Since that time I have come several books about John's alleged adventures in the spirit world, such as 'Peace At Last: The After Death Experiences Of John Lennon' by Jason Leen and 'John Lennon In Heaven: Crossing The Borderline Of Being," by Linda Keen. Deer Domnitz sent me a copy of her book, with its illustrations by Susan Rowe. Although I have an open mind, the conversations do not strike me as ones which John would make. They are unrepresentative of him, both in content and structure. Bill Tenuto sent me tapes of his conversations in which John was sending messages to me. Rosemary Brown is a Medium who had channeled works by composers such as Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven for many years - and the compositions were performed by orchestras in London festival halls. The Sunday Mirror asked me to comment on the lyrics of the songs she claimed John had channeled through her. They were three little amateur poems, not only totally unlike anything which John would have written, but they had no possible value as lyrics to songs and were certainly not written by John Lennon, spirit or otherwise.

Paul McCartney revealed that in the early stages of their career they discussed the afterlife and made a pact that if any of them died he would try to contact the others. He said that he heard nothing after Stuart had died and that there has been no contact since John died. Sadly, a third Beatles has died and I doubt whether Paul will hear a message from George.

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