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As with the original Mersey Beat newspaper, I tend to encourage the musicians themselves to write their own histories, conveying their own experience what it was like to be a musician in the days of the Mersey Sound.

I also built up a team of photographers, columnists and feature writers and intend to do the same with the Mersey Beat website.

Here are some of the important people who are part of the new Mersey Beat team:

David Maggin of Triumph PC Group, Washington, DC David Maggin, head of Triumph PC, is the person who has really helped me more than anyone else to realize the dream of presenting the authentic story of the Mersey Sound online via the Mersey Beat site, which his team designed and maintains.
David writes:
“Mersey Beat's re-emergence into today's corporate-driven music machine is nothing short of a Second Coming for those who weren't around to witness Mersey Beat's profound power during the original British Invasion. We were pleased to assist Bill in giving Mersey Beat the special home on the Web that a magazine of its stature deserves. I believe the new Mersey Beat captures the vibrant originality of the iconic 1960s entertainment paper, but with a more modern, 21st-Century look and feel.”
Triumph PC is a Washington, DC-based technology company specializing in Persona-Bots™—Artificial Intelligence-based logic engines inhabited with unique and authentic human personalities using the subject's own words. They also publish one of the hottest magazines on the Web today: psst! magazine, for which Bill Harry is a regular contributor.

The Pete Best Four colorized by Geoff GeffersGeoff Geffers will be enhancing photographs from the pages of Mersey Beat which have deteriorated through age. Geoff will also be colorizing specific photos. Here is an example of his colorization of a Pete Best Four photograph and Geoff’s background in his own words: “I was born in Hendon, London, above the Watford Way, and grew up listening to Sixties music. I was a games programmer when micros first appeared in the UK - in the late 1970's - right the way through to the late 1980's. I wrote two rather obscure books about different home computers, and had a multitude of games published. During the 90's I worked for a company producing multimedia applications, working closely with audio and video on very limited hardware. I worked on Video CD players, and Internet set top boxes, and traveled to the Far East and America as a troubleshooter.
In the middle 1990's I became interested in working with images - restoring photographs, colorizing them, and also writing little utilities for audio work, such as "Addawav". I work for a small telecoms company now, and have written various pieces of software that TV stations use to display text messages from mobile phones. Outside of work, I love music and theatre and enjoy traveling, when I get the chance, especially to France. These days, I tend to listen to jazz and classical more than any other type of music. I live alone in an incredibly untidy house with far too many books and CD's.”

Also on the photographic side is Kathy McCabe. Kathy lives in Baltimore, Maryland in the U.S. and is an award-winning photographer whose recent work can be seen on both Liverpool Express CDs: ‘The Best of Liverpool Express’ and ‘Once Upon a Time.’ For the past several years she has worked as the band’s publicist. The Washington Post and other newspapers in the US and Europe have published her photos with subjects varying from musical artists to nature to natural disasters.

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