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The SearchersSounds Like Searchers.CMRCD 158
This was their fourth Pye album, bringing the group another Top 10 hit. It featured new singer Frank Allen, who replaced Tony Jackson. There are 32 tracks on the CD, including the bonus tracks ‘When You Walk In The Room’, ‘I’ll Be Missing You’, ‘What Have They Done To The Rain’, ‘This Feeling Inside’, ‘The System’, ‘Goodbye My Love’, ‘Till I Meet You’ and ‘Wenn Ich Dich She’ (‘When You Walk in the Room’ in German).

Take Me for What I’m Worth. CMRCD 159
This was the last of their five Pye albums, originally issued in December 1965. There are 31 tracks on the CD including the bonus tracks ‘He’s Got No Love’, ‘So Far Away’, ‘When I Get Home’, ‘I’m Never Coming Back’, Verzeih
My Love’ (‘Goodbye My Love’ in German), ‘I’ll Be Doggone’ and ‘Once Upon A Time.’

The Searchers: The Pye Anthology 1963-1967. NEECD 381
A two disc set of 60 remastered tracks, including all their hits, a selection of the best titles from their Pye albums and rare EP tracks.

The Searchers: The Definitive Pye Collection. SMETD 005
Is a cornucopia of classic sounds of the Mersey era in a staggering 75 track collection. In addition to numbers the Searchers made their own such as ‘Needles and Pins’, ‘When You Walk In The Room’, ‘What Have They Done to The Rain’ ‘Don’t Throw your Love Away’ and ‘Sugar and Spice,’ there is a range of numbers which were part of the basic repertoire of most Mersey groups of the time, including ‘Some Other Guy’, ‘Love Potion No. 9’, ‘Money’, ‘Tricky Dicky’, ‘Twist and Shout’, ‘Sho’ Know a Lot About Love’ and ‘Magic Potion’ – sheer magic! 

The Searchers: The R&B Sound. SELCD 611
A 24 track compilation including numbers such as ‘Some Other Guy’, ‘Money’ ‘It’s In Her Kiss’, ‘Hi-Heel Sneakers’, ‘Let The Good Times Roll,’ and ‘Shame Shame Shame.’

The Searchers: The Swedish Radio Sessions. CMRCD 394
A rare and unique CD featuring the Searchers performing live on three Swedish Radio shows between the years 1964 and 1967. The initial set of 10 tracks was recorded in the spring of 1964, the following nine tracks in December 1964 and the final six tracks in May 1967. The third recording session is interesting for intriguing tracks such as ‘Western Union’ and the medley ‘See See Rider’/’Jenny Take A Ride.’

The Searchers BBC Sessions. CMEDD 938
Just like the Beatles, the Searchers were a popular choice to appear regularly on BBC radio sessions during the Sixties on shows such as ‘Saturday Club’, and ‘Top Gear.’ The double CD comprises 42 tracks of their BBC recordings.

The SearchersThe Searchers: The Iron Door Sessions. CMBCD 485
A ‘must buy’ for any Searchers fan. The Beatles home was at the Cavern while the Searchers were the leading group in a cellar club a few streets away called the Iron Door. At the beginning of 1963 the group were without a recording contract and decided to approach the record companies themselves via a disc. They locked the door of the club to prevent fans interrupting them and recorded 11 tracks which they taped and the made into a small number of acetates. 

As a result they were signed up by Tony Hatch at Pye. For many years the whereabouts of the one remaining acetate was unknown, but was discovered a few years ago and resulted in this 2002 release.

The original group comprised John McNally, Mike Pender, Chris Curtis and Tony Jackson. Frank Allen replaced Tony in 1964 and there have been several changes of personnel over the years and the current line-up is John McNally, Frank Allen, Spencer James and Eddie Rothe. Sadly, Tony Jackson died in August 2003 and Chris Curtis passed away in February 2005. Mike Pender, incidentally, is also still performing with his own outfit, Mike Pender’s Searchers.

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